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Pre-Blast: F3 Columbia 3rd F AO

When: Wednesdays 5:00am – 5:30am Starting 7/12/2017
Where: Brickpile AKA Dreher High School
Who: All PAX

Since F3 Columbia started we have thrived with the 1st F of Fitness. Our men have completed countless GORUCK events, marathons, 50Ks, relays and mudruns. Our names are listed at the tops of leader boards and age groups awards at events across the south east and beyond. Through the magnet of the 1st F of Fitness, our PAX have challenged one another and themselves to #GetBetter, and the results of such efforts have been overwhelmingly positive and helped our PAX to achieve goals never thought attainable.

The 2nd F of fellowship is strong as well. HDHH has always had a consistent turnout. Coffeteria often have more PAX than the workouts that came before them. You will often see the men, Ms, and 2.0s fellowshipping at community events, birthday parties, or each others homes. Through the glue of the 2nd F of Fellowship, our PAX have forged bonds not otherwise possible, and the strength of these bonds have helped our PAX to eradicate #SadClownSyndrome throughout Columbia.

The 3rd F of faith has also been a key part of F3 Columbia. We all witnessed the amazing efforts of everyone during the flood of 2015, but there are also other 3rd F efforts that you may not notice as much. There have been small group bible and book studies, such as the current one focusing on raising strong daughters. Many of our workouts also have regular devos at end of the COT.

On July 12th, we will be expanding the 3rd F by planting a shovel flag for a 3rd F AO. This group is intended to help the PAX exercise their souls, get to know each other better, and provide additional opportunities for leadership. It won’t be your traditional bible study where we all pick a book and read through it. Like the 1st F AOs the QIC each week will be leading the group and guiding the discussion.

Through the dynamite of this 3rd F opportunity and the fire it will create within the PAX, we will grow in our ability to #LiveThird and continue to build leaders and remain true to F3’s Mission to invigorate male community leadership.

So set your alarm clock a few minutes early and join us. Until then, see you in the gloom.

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