• When: 04/21/2017
  • QIC: Tuck, JRR Tolkien & Wild Turkey
  • The PAX: Argonaut, Biggie Smalls, Billy Goat, Buckeye, Buckeye 2.0, Bucky, Chaser, Checkpoint, Commish, Copay, Damascus, Dasher, Doc McStuffins, Early Bloomer, Escobar, Fahvra, Fallout, Fire Hazard, Foulball, Frack, Fredo, General, Geraldo, Gump, Haggis, Heartbreaker, Hollywood, Honey Bee, JRR Tolkien, Kid Rock, Lex Luthor, Madison, Mermaid, Mighty Mite, Nard Dog, Nash, Pebbles, Popeye, Poptart, Short Pole, Snowflake, Squid, Strange Brew, Strawberry, Tuck, Utah, Voodoo, Welcome Week, Wild Turkey, Market Timer, Goonie, Paper Jam, Madam Tussauds, Toolbag, Rock Thrill and Stump Hugger

2017 BROlympic Games

Alarms chime at 4:30 AM. Wild Turkey, Tuck and JRR Tolkien rise to begin an epic day of 1st, 2nd and 3rd F that will set the bar for all future CSAUPs.

Volunteers and gear donors decked the field and track with a shovel flags, tent, registration table, event signs, timing clock, three empty kegs and 20+ kettle bells. By 6 AM, Community House Middle School swarmed with 60 men, representing six regions, who would be tested mentally and physically by a wicked decathalon.

As the Olympic theme played, the competitors, shovel flags in hand, took to the track for a warm up lap and circled up for side-straddle hops, imperial walkers and ‘mericans. Then Tuck delivered a rousing invocation praying for fierce, fair and safe competition. Next, a prerecorded speech featuring a Scottish accented Tolkien reciting adaptations of the greatest, inspirational cinematic monologues dazzled and dazed our competitors before beginning the day’s first event. For a list complete list of event descriptions and rules, click here.

List of Events and Top Finishers
1 Mile
1 Fahvra
2 Foulball
3 Nash

100 Meters
1 Fahvra
2 Copay
3 Dasher

Max Burpees in 2 Minutes
1 General
2 Fahvra
3 Kid Rock

Football Throw for Distance
1 Early Bloomer
2 Dasher
3 General
3 Kid Rock
3 Tuck

Keg Toss
1 Argonaut
2 Poptart
3 Kid Rock

Max Kettlebell Snatches in 2 Minutes
1 Argonaut
2 Buckeye
3 Kid Rock

Max Sit-ups in 2 Minutes
1 Tuck
2 Fahvra
2 Strawberry
4 Haggis

Max 135 lb. Bench Press
1 Frack
2 Damascus
3 Mighty Mite

Max Tire Flips in 90 Seconds
1 Strawberry
2 Kid Rock
3 General

The Phlygethon (medley event with 1 minute plank, 100 meter sprint, 20 burpees, bear crawl to opposite side of track, 40 single-arm kettlebell swings, 400 meter kettlebell carry to finish)
1 Fahvra
2 Pebbles
3 General

Overall Winners
2 Kid Rock
3 General

Overall Respect Winners
*originally not designated Respct

For a link to the full results, click here.
To view and add (please do!) to the photo album, click here.
Additional video, thank you Gator Bait, click here.

Thank you volunteers and gear donors:
Without your generous help, this event could not have happened!
Market Timer – Registration and event data
Goonie – Keg Toss event Q
Paper Jam & Commish – Football throw event Q
Madam Tussauds – Kettlebell Snatch event Q
Toolbag – Bench press event Q
Bratwurst & Mr. Brady – Running event timers
Gear donors included Pebbles, Strange Brew, Shortpole, Argonaut, Kid Rock, Voodoo, Chanel, Commish, Gator Bait and Madame Tussauds. Thank you to all who shared kettlebells.

The goal of the BROlympics was to put all three Fs of F3 into action. Our mission calls us to be leaders. For too many men, becoming physically and mentally idle leads to isolation and vice. One does not simply participate in F3. To be part of the F3 community you will be asked to, at a minimum, lead a workout. For some of us, it’s a rare opportunity to be “in charge”. Inspired by this freedom, we took action. All three of us had talked about putting on an F3 Olympics for a long time. We finally set a goal, a date and began a long conversation to determine events, logistics, scoring and marketing to make it all happen. We hope this event will serve as inspiration to the other Pax to choose a project at home, in the community or with your brothers of the gloom.

First F
For many of us, we get up 2, 3 or, if you’re Fire Hazard, six times a week to workout. This event was an opportunity to test yourself physically and try events in a competitive environment. (We all push harder when points are at stake.) Moreover, use your scores as a baseline to for continuous improvement. We hope to see you next year, fitter and prepared to smash your previous scores.

Second F
As Saturday Site Qs, we have long pushed Pax to post on Saturdays. A longer workout and coffeeteria provides an opportunity for 2nd F that doesn’t exist during the week. In addition, the partner scoring format was designed to foster enhanced competition and conversation. We hope you had the chance to catch up with current friends, connect names with faces and meet others for the first, but not last, time.

Third F
We are all called to love God and one another. There is no greater expression of that love than brothers coming together in fair competition. (No divas, no tantrums, no sore losers, not gloaters, just 60 men encouraging eachother to be thier best.)

Thank you everyone who donated workout gear to the Men’s Shelter. These donations are incredibly encouraging to the men in need.

If you enjoyed this event or backblast, please Tclap to help spread the word for next year.

15 thoughts on “2017 BROlympic Games”

  1. AWESOME EVENT GUYS! Thanks for organizing. And is it just me or are there a lot of pictures in the video of Buckeye with his shirt off? I was going to take mine off but I didn’t want to embarrass him.

    1. Pictures of Buckeye with no shirt were intentional. YHC did as many reps on bench as him (41) looking like a fat Panda and not like a greek god. Thanks for not taking your shirt off Poptart.

  2. Awesome job to all that participated, volunteered, supported this great event. Looking forward to attending next year!

  3. Amazing event, great execution, cool Backblast!
    T-Claps to JRR Tolkien, Tuck, and Wild Turkey for making this happen, and to all the volunteers who made it seem so easy to deliver.
    Definitely a must-do event.

    1. Thanks brother. Enjoyed having you there. Hope that was enough ointment to heal those achey muscles. Ha!

    1. Thanks Fredo! Strong work out there. Know you feel like a young buck, but biological age is what we need when you check in, not the age you feel and perform #muchyounger

      1. Fredo*

        As long as that asterisk is not the Barry Bonds / Pete Rose type. I didn’t actually “lie”, as 50 is the new 40.

  4. For me, one of the most fun events I’ve had the privledge to ever been a part of. Can’t thank Tuck and Wild Turkey enough for their commitment to making this happen.

    Some of the most memorable moments for me were:

    – Seeing Haggis run down Kid Rock in the Phlygethon (with his 45lb kb) like someone stole his prize Scottish Sheep. Haggis has more mental toughness than anyone I know.
    – Seeing everyone be so supportive of guys in the 1-mile to start the event, and seeing so many meatheads come out and run the 1-mile HARD (Popeye / Billy Goat)! It must have been a sick crowd applause, for Foulball to run something like a 63 second 1st lap (4:12 min/mi pace when world record is 3:43 in the 1600) #gassed
    – what else? sound off!

    1. Thanks for coming and the support. Was so good to see so many A51 brothers out there, and hoping for many more in 2018

  5. WildTurkey_a51

    It was humbling to see so many great efforts on Sat. Kid Rock’s one-armed keg toss was rad and Lex Luthor’s stride in the final lap of Phlyg showed what a rucker can do. Plus, seeing Market Timer type in 400 event entries was really impressive.

  6. Humbled, as Wild Turkey said. This exceeded my wildest expectations and it was all made possible by the planning (which I was privileged to be a part of) and the PAX who where generous with their time and equipment.

    Favorite moments included watching Commish march of into the pitch black with a headlamp to start marking yardage for the football throw, listening to the line of PAX in heat 1 of the Phlegethon struggle to breathe as they battled through the KB swings, watching Argonaut throw down 69 KB Snatches like a boss and having Haggis shadow me during the 400m KB carry (he basically carried me the last 200m with his encouragement).

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