• When: 7/1/2017
  • QIC: WelcomeWeek/Splinter
  • The PAX: Okra, Rosinbagger, WelcomeWeek, ChopShop, McNugget, Collar, Staccato, Eldrick, Hog, Robber, FNG (Misty), Misfire, Adrian, Cesspool, Splinter.

#BATTLEflu for you, me, everyone. Especially the FNG @ #BATTLE

YHC was nervous/excited for his first #BATTLE Q and was honored to split the hour with Splinter. Anytime YHC posts with Splinter his number 1 goal is (try to) KEEP UP. YHC was asked to fill in for Stache and did not want to disappoint.

Weather: 72 degrees, cloudy, and muggy

The Thang…

YHC started off for the first 30…

Grab bricks (fat bricks might I add) and fast mosey to the loop.

10 Burpees with the bricks and with increasing merkins at the bottom (down, 1 merkin, down 2 merkins, and so on. Run the loop at 5 and 10, with the bricks (10 minutes).

Jacob’s Ladder
4 shoulder press with the bricks, 10 jump squats. Increasing shoulder press by 4 and decreasing jump squats by 1. Totaled 109 jump squats and 220 shoulder press, with said fat bricks (10 minutes).

Back to the burpees…

Pax then completed burpee count 11-20. So, down, 11 merkins, jump up. Down, 12 merkins, jump, and so on. We ran the loop at 15 and 20, but didn’t use bricks. 210 merkins and 1.4 miles for each PAX in 20 minutes.

Handoff to Splinter…

Splinter charged the group with 400 pull-ups as group. Each PAX rotated on the pull up bars until we hit 400. Flutter kicks and LBCs for PAX waiting to pull.

Grab the bricks and mosey to put them up. We stopped for 10 more merkins about halfway to the start.

Mosey to the softball field and split off in 2 relay teams. Each team went to the foul pole for a race to home plate and back. We raced 3 times and did jump squats, lunges, and SSH respectively while waiting to run/after running for each race. These sprints were killer and sucked any remaining life that the pax had left.

Losing team did 10 burpees as a penalty, winning team did 10 merkins.

Here are the results (No big surprises here):

Relay 1: Splinter’s team won
Relay 2: Splinter’s team won
Relay 3: Splinter’s team won (Extremely close between Rosinbagger and YHC, RB pulled it out with the slide.

Mosey to centerfield and circle up.
Burpees x 10
Russian Twist x 15IC (Slamming hands on the ground on each side)

Mosey to the start


What a workout. YHC’s legs and arms were shaking by the end but loved the opportunity to Q Battle. TCLAPs to the FNG, Misty, for making it through what will likely be his toughest workout until he comes back to Battle. He survived and did a fantastic job at his first post. He’s on twitter at @brennanbeikert.

The celebration out at Pine Island for the guys at The Mission has been rescheduled to Friday, July 21st due to weather.

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