• When: 2020-12-15
  • QIC: McLovin
  • The PAX: Billy Bob, Collar, Detour, Misfire, Wally, Boo Boo, Bernie, Bindi, Zima, Blowout, Leon, McLovin

12 Days of Christmas – Hammer Style

12 PAX emerged from the #Fartsack this morning in search of a way to #GetBetter. Standing in the glow of a Christmas Tree in the Lowe’s Foods parking lot was YHC, who was happy to answer the AOQ’s call last night for a substitute Q at #Hammer. Once the proverbial whistle blew at 5:30 AM, the PAX got better as all embarked upon 45 minutes of suck that was designed to keep the PAX moving and help all #GetBetter with the sharpening of some iron.

Conditions – 38 degrees and partly cloudy (Perfect Burpee Weather)


The Thang:

SSH x 20 (IC)

12 Days of Christmas

1st day – 1 lap around the parking lot

2nd day – 2 dozen Merkins

3rd day – 3 four count imperial walkers

4th day – 4 Jungle Boi Squats

5th day – 5 BURPEES PLEASE

6th day – 6 inches for 30 seconds

7th day – 7 four count Russian Twists (IC)

8th day – 8 jump squats

9th day – 9 LBCs (IC)

10th day – 10 stationary lunges (5 each leg, 10 total)

11th day – 11 Mountain Climbers (each leg, 22 total)

12th day – 12 Monkey Humpers

The workout follows the same patter as the song.  First day, just a lap. Second day, 2 dozen merkins and a lap.  Third day 3 imperial walkers, 2 dozen merkins, and a lap.  So, the counts start to build, especially the merkin/burpee exercises.  

SSH x 20 (IC)

COT/BOM – McLovin


  • Honored to have Q at #Hammer this AM.  Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas was a #Crowdpleaser based on the complaints and eventually silence from the PAX. 
  • With Burpees and Merkins, PAX did a total of 304 Merkins.  Couple that with 1.5 miles of running, as well as some ab work, and we #PushedTheRock this AM.
  • #LarryBirds were not in short supply this morning as Billy Bob, Boo Boo and Blowout did their thing.
  • YHC maintained good manners in the face of the new #Hammer T-Shirts that poked fun at #Thunder.
  • Couple of observations: (1) When you Q, you can do the 12 Days of Christmas however you want, even backwards and (2) getting called John Fralick may be one of the best compliments of YHC’s life.



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