• When: 2017-11-09
  • QIC: Cornwallis
  • The PAX: 23 - Ponzi, Wojo, Flight Risk, Stats, Bolt, Schrute, Happy Gilmore, Neon, Barry, Hope Solo, Short Circuit, Mayplant, Ratched, Timber, Harper Valley, Skidder, Skipper, Big Load, Weed, Mayhem, Sacajawea, Dufresne, Cornwallis

The Two Spirations

Conditions:  Outside – Raw 48 degrees and raining Inside – Ideal 70 and dry

YHC took the unprecedented step of relocating the workout from the Rectory to the newly renovated City arena to avoid the inclement weather. Admitting that he was going soft, YHC was pleased that 23 PAX showed up knowing that if we were at Rectory, it would likely have been 5. YHC then shared a daily devotional writing from Emmett Fox …… “Have you heard the old story of the two spirations? They are essential for every worthwhile achievement. If either is missing the enterprise is doomed to failure, and if you have not been making your life as successful as you would like, you must go to work and find which of them has been overlooked. I am sure it is hardly necessary to tell you that the two spirations are inspiration and perspiration. First you need inspiration. Sheer hard work, blind plodding, or brutal hammering will not bring success. You must also have regular inspiration. Second, perspiration. There is no success without persevering hard work in the direction of your goal. Contact God daily for inspiration; and then work hard.”

DISCLAIMER:  Standard “Not a Professional….” yatta yatta.

Disclaimer Standard “Not a Professional….” yatta yatta.
Warm Up Q totally spazzed out and forgot to do a warm-up.
The Thang Q decided to bring his Jam Box with a special selection of workout music to keep the Pax’s energy level high.
Q then reveals a deck of cards and explains to the PAX that each suit represents an exercise.  Each number represents the reps.  Deuces and Jokers equal 1 lap around the arena.  Spades = Burpees  Hearts equal Pushups    Clubs = Situps   Diamonds = Squats
Exercise Total Reps
Burpees X 102
Merkins X 102
Sit-Ups X 102
Squats X 102
Laps X 6
Once the Deck of Death was complete, YHC revealed a jar with two shiny large red dice he purchased at the Las Vegas Airport……the only souvenir he could afford after a poor showing at the MGM Grand.
PAX performed dealers choice and YHC rolled the dice to determine the number of reps.  If doubles were rolled, the PAX took a lap in addition to the exercise called.
COT, Count-O-Rama, BOM Pray for Wojo’s daughter (thyroid surgery) and Potholes Mom (recovering from cancer surgery).
Moleskin Workout seemed to be a good test run for future inclement weather days.