• When: 2021-02-16
  • QIC: Mayhem
  • The PAX: Treebark, Dufresne (respect), Timber, Ragdoll (respect), Mayplant (MAD respect), Heisenberg, Hope Solo, Big Load, Bolt (respect), Lizard Man, Neon (respect), Hero, Schrute, Sacajawea (respect), Abacus (respect), Harper Valley (respect), Tweetsie, Crackhead (respect), Whaler (respect), Skipper (respect), Stats (respect), Mayhem (respect)


Conditions: 51* & a much appreciated break in the rain, but still very soggy.

Disclaimer: Not a professional. Modify as needed.


SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 25 IC

LBAC’s x 25 IC (forward/reverse)



PAX moseys over to Fair St. for Curb Crawls

Start on curb, bear crawl to other side. With feet on curb do 10 Merkins, bear crawl back & do 9 merkins. Rinse & repeat back & forth down to one merkin.

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC while waiting on PAX to finish Curb Crawls.

PAX moseys to block pile to retrieve heavy coupons & meets on other side of the park for a painful version of Elevens.

10 Manmakers on near end then Prison Walk with block to far end.

1 American Hammer with block then Death Bunny with block back to near end.

Rinse & repeat decreasing Manmakers by one & increasing American Hammers by one each trip.

Finish with 1 Manmaker & 10 American Hammers.

Never Again Dolly’s with Block x 25 IC while waiting on PAX to finish Elevens.

After returning coupons, meet at the flag for COT.

Announcements: Bolt looking for recommendations for kitchen & bathroom renovation.

Prayer Requests: Prayers for the family of Ann Cook after her passing. Prayers for Mayplant’s sister in overcoming Covid.

Moleskin: It’s hard to believe it has been four years since I was dragged into this group. I am most certainly a better man for it. Thanks again to Sacajawea for putting the EH on me! I love all my F3 brothers!


As always, a pleasure to lead!


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