• When: 2019-08-10
  • QIC: Pot Hole
  • The PAX: (9 with Q) May Plant, Mayhem, Dufresne, Game Plan, Bolt, Tweetsie, Lizard Man, Whaler

Capture the Flag

77 degrees, overcast

This was my first Saturday Q and the weekday Q’s were hardcore so I wanted to break things up a bit. Capture the flag was Hero’s favorite outdoor game and I am sure he was with us today.



Thru the tunnel
Nancy Kerrigans

The Thang

Indian Run to old bus circle

Pit stop for Rosalita Dollies

DORA at bus circle

Head back to AOQ

Capture the Flag, Rules of engagement:

  1. Must stay inside of AOQ boundary, evens team defends west, odds team defends east.
  2. Notice the DMZ, every time you cross do 5 burpees, even in a timeout, unless there’s a flag run
  3. No tackling, pushing/shoving, or stripping of flags
  4. Place flag within arms reach at respective base
  5. Do not move flag once placed, unless retrieved during a tackle, then timeout for reset
  6. 2 hand touches to tackle flag carriers, tackled team heads to jail, time out to reset flag, all players return to home side during timeout
  7. The winner must get opponents flag and tag the Parthenon with flag in possession
  8. No walking or standing, must jog/run or run in place if stopped.
  9. Rule violators go to jail. Jail workout is full of Pot Hole classics from the depths of the Lexicon.

The action: pax divided into two teams and sent to hide flags. Both teams met at the cannon for 5 burpees then go. Both teams immediately went to trash cans to look for flags.. gross guys! Appeared that no teams really worried about defense as everyone was on opposition side searching.. or were they? QIC was refereeing first round to allow 4 on 4 battle resulting in many DMZ crossings. After finding the flag in his own golf cart, Tweetsie made the first stealthy flag run with Lizard Man in step for the option in case of a pending tackle. They rushed into arms reach of tagging the Parthenon when BAM out of nowhere, Mayhem almost tackles Tweetsie who tossed the flag to Lizard Man but Mayhem is having none of it and shuts the whole thing down. The tackled team heads to jail while the tacklers reset their flag. One of the PAX leaves early so QIC joins Mayhem’s bunch. Everyone meets back at DMZ for the 5 burpee send off. This group must have been a bunch of free safety types because, again all PAX are flag searching and no one much cares about defense. All except QIC because I had no idea where my team’s flag was hidden. Tweetsie can taste victory from his earlier sniff of the stale Parthenon fountain mist so no one is surprised that he eventually found the flag again and made a solo run for the win. While making his lateral sweeps on defense, QIC catches a glimpse of Tweetsie and it’s an all out sprint to the finish. Tweetsie prevails so the losers go to jail while the winners take a victory lap.



Prayers for Bed Pan’s father and friends of May Plant.

William “Tyke” Redfearn