• When: 2019-12-28
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Rumble Strip, Blue Rhino, Broadhead, Banjo, Bar Crawl, Deebo, Boo Boo

Saturdays are for the boys

The men of Detention were either feeling guilty about all they’ve eaten during the holidays, itching for some pain, or just looking to head into 2020 on the right foot cause they started talking about Saturday workouts in the group chat. So we decided to workout (nevermind the trip to McDonalds afterwards) on a Saturday morning and get better. Work was done, looked something like this:

1 MW



Mosey around parking lot to get the blood flowing





10 Windmills IC

10 Frankensteins OYO

Mosey to basketball court in back for some ladder work

2 merkins – run across – 2 jump squats

4 merkins – run across – 4 jump squats

6 merkins – run across – 6 jump squats

8 merkins – run across – 8 jump squats

10 merkins – run across – 10 jump squats

10 burpees – run across – 8 burpees – run across – 6 burpees – run across – 4 burpees – run across – 2 burpees

Mosey to block pile, everybody grab one and take back to basketball court

2 OH press – run across with block – 2 squats

4 OH press – run across with block – 4 squats

6 OH press – run across with block – 6 squats

8 OH press – run across with block  – 8 squats

10 OH press – run across with block – 10 squats

10 squat thrusters – run across – 8 squat thrusters – run across – 6 squat thrusters – run across – 4 squat thrusters – run across – 2 squat thrusters

Repeat first ladder (merkins and jump squats) but start at 6 reps, finish at 10.

Repeat the second ladder (OH press and squats) but start at 2 reps, finish at 6.

Combine all the exercises (block merkin, OH press, block squat) into some weird manmaker-ish sort of exercise. I think we named these Millenial Manmakers.

Return blocks to pile and head back to the flag.


NYD Convergence at Lexington High School


Prayer Requests:

Waze – fell down stairs, in walking boot

Blue Rhino – foot still healing

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