• When: 
  • QIC: You, Your AO.
  • The PAX: Lake Murray PAX - Q Opportunities at The Mission AO on Saturday's in December at Finley Park, 0830.

“Recover” at The Mission AO Means More Than Get Off Your Six

When we hear the Q call out, “Recover” we know it means to get up off our Six and get prepared to transition to a another exercise.  We’re moving from a round of Dollies to a set of Side Straddle Hops.  Fun.  At The Mission AO “Recover” only means the same during the Saturday workout at 0830 at Finley Park.  For the remainder of a man’s day, and for many months while enrolled in the Recovery Program at the Oliver Gospel Mission, “Recover” stands for a goal that betters a man’s outlook for the future.  “Recovery” is the word.

From the FAQ Purpose Statement of The Mission: The primary purpose of The Mission AO is to support the men in the Oliver Gospel Mission Drug & Alcohol Recovery program during their course of recovery. The pax enrolled in the Recovery Program may be (as you can imagine) going through some difficult things as a result of their recovery. It’s important to set them up for success. Some of these guys haven’t had a win in a while, and it’s important to create an environment that each man can experience success and exceed their perceived limitations.


Saturday Decembers have been set aside for Lake Murray AOs to Q at The Mission-a very simple act that remarkably will help create this environment for men to experience success and support.  So, we urge the Lake Murray AOs to Tweet/ DM @chrissmith_sc or @mcwhirter_eddie or @F3TheMission to sign up to Q a Saturday in December.  The workouts are identical to any F3 bootcamp and last 45 minutes, beginning at 0830.  Aye!