• When: 2020-07-09
  • QIC: 7-11
  • The PAX: Utah (R), Thin Mint, Forrest, Fast Casual, Voltron (R), Notebook, Jack Hammer, Wheel Barrow (R), Rock Drop (R), 7-11

No Sweating to the Oldies

YHC chose not to bring the music out for this Q and play it safe. YHC tries to vary the weinke with every Q and appreciates the personality that each Q brings to their workout. 10 PAX chose to take DRP and fight the fartsack and got better. YHC has learned a lot about F3 throughout this past year in AOQ duties and could feel the whetstone during Cornerstone this morning with men like Voltron, FC, Utah and Wheel Barrow. Proud to be apart of the growth of Arena!

Conditions: Warm, 75 degrees, clear
Disclaimer, Prayer

SSH – IC X 15
Imperial Walkers IC x15
LBAC (Forward) – IC X15
LBAC (Reverse) – ICx15
TTT – IC X15
SOYO – 30 secs
Line of Pain –
wall sit, merkins down the line
plank, bear crawl across road and back
high knees, 5 burpees
The Thang:
Team Rep Workout
200 Merkins – while other partner runs up hill and back
200 BBS – while other partner runs up loading dock and back
200 Plank Jacks – 100 yard sprint
200 Curls for Girls – while other partner shoulder press block to light pole and back
Circle of Pain (Ab version) – each PAX selects ab exercercise
Utah – Flutter Kicks
Thin Mint – 6 inches
Forest – American Hammer
FC – Iron Cross
Voltron – Hello Dolly
Notebook – Crunchy Frogs
JackHammer – Fludder Kicks
Looking for Q’s
Prayer Requests:
Notebook (Squamous Cell Carcinoma on lip – having scans and surgery)
Training Wheels (Hip)
Da Bear (broken toe)

A Shield Lock can be as small as two men or as big as you make it, but the ideal number of Members is four. While a cord of three strands is not quickly broken, having that fourth man gives the Group redundancy in the face of the unexpected and is thus a matter of Preparedness. However, more than four men stresses the Rule Of 3P, as it is nearly impossible to get that many men (or more) to be Proximate on a periodic basis. It is also becomes increasingly difficult to build Trust within a Team as the number of Members increase–and the Shield Lock is a Team that must have a high level of Trust to be Effective.

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