• When: 2017-10-31
  • QIC: Emmy
  • The PAX: Ebert, Deadstick (R), Chips, Tail Pipe, Kenwood, Hobby Lobby, Ground Fault, Brainiac, Kid Sister, Oscar, Emmy

No Stairs at The Stand…No Problem

YHC hasn’t been over to The Stand since the kickoff a few weeks back was excited to see how the Pax were doing since “the expansion”(we never called it a split at Snake Pit, mostly because it upset Brainiac). First thing YHC noticed was that it is seriously flat on the campus and unlike the Snake Pit there are NO stairs. However YHC did happen to notice a nice little hill (aka Blueberry Hill, thanks Brainiac)that would suck just enough to get the job done.

Weather – A brisk 44 degrees

Disclaimer – I am not a professional and not clever enough to come up with Halloween Q so lets just get to work.



Mosey to the basketball court for the COP.
SSH – 15 IC
TTT – 15 IC
Merkins – 10 IC
IW – 10 IC
LBAC – 10 F/10 R
BBAC – 10 F/10 R
OHAC – 10 IC
WM – 10 IC

Mosey over the coolest playground YHC has ever seen for a Triple Nickle
5 Pull Ups (find a monkey bar)
5 Dips (find a bench or picnic table)
5 Burpees on the Bball Court
R&R x3

Mosey over to the block pile, grab a coupon and had to Blue Berry Hill.
15 Merkins on the curb
Overhead Block Carry to the base of BB Hill
15 BBSUs
Overhead Block Carry up BB Hill
15 Squats w/ your Block
Overhead Block Carry to the bottom of BB Hill
15 American Hammers w/ your Block
Overhead Block Carry back to the Curb
R&R until Q calls time adding 1 rep each round.

After Hobby Lobby started lapping the rest of the Pax at 19 reps the Pax circled up for some extra block work and abs.
Colt 45’s with your block OYO
Flutter Kicks 31 IC “Happy Halloween!”
Overhead Press with your block 10 OYO
American Hammers 31 IC
Kettle Block Swings 10 OYO (mind your block on the down swing)

Just time for dealers choice
Brainiac called 31 Monkey Humpers (BIG SUPRISE THERE) IC
Ebert called 31 Triceps Extensions with your Block OYO

Return the Block and head to the flag.

Count O Rama
Name O Rama
Announcements – GoRuck events this weekend, Kids RunHard Saturday, Trail run training at Harbison Forest Sunday, Long run training for Lexington 1/2 at Snakepit Sunday afternoon, 11/11 Cheech 10K & Lexington 1/2, 11/18 Harry Bison, Christmas Parade and Party coming up.

Prayer Requests – Chips mom & family, Ground Fault traveling to VA for funeral and then Spartan Race this weekend, Dead Stick having MRI on knee.

Moles Skin – YHC encouraged Pax to hold each other accountable as the colder weather starts coming. Also bragged on M, FiA Glee, and how awesome she has been doing with weight loss (40 plus lbs since last September),Pathfinder, 12K and how life has changed for our family because of F3 & FiA. As men we all need the PAX to do life together and cold weather is just another excuse we all are guilty of using to disconnect. Let us all hold each other to a high standard this cold season. Final side note YHC was extremely honored to Q at The Stand. Selfishly YHC has missed brothers like Ebert, Brainiac and Dead Stick at the Snake Pit, however it is exciting to see the direction The Stand is heading in such a short time. Tclaps Men!