• When: 2017-11-08
  • QIC: Beamer
  • The PAX: Hee Haw, Billy Bob, Grilz, Katniss, Wham, Clone, Lambchop, Turn Coat, Special K (Respect), Kamikzae (Respect), Bubbles, Back Stop, Turnpike, Beamer

Dora Castle Cross Introduced

It was great to return to the Castle with the Q.   A small adventure to Fart Sack Island had me away for a few weeks. The Pax are starting wonder if Beamer only shows up for Qs. I can neither confirm nor deny that thought. I can only take you back to my last Back Blast and this statement that was included: ” Beamer are you only showing up for Qs now, ha ha?” The Pax know how to interrogate, ha!!

I will be better.

Weather was perfect. We had a cool crisp 60 degree morning.

14 Pax decided to show up and get better.

The Thang: When your AOQ tweets that hes not looking forward to one of the two workouts you have done before, of course you have to bring one back to the Pax.

Disclaimer given and small apology of my lack of attendance.

COP to get loose:

SSH IC X30- Pax already talking about what are we doing
High Plank, 5 plank jacks, merkin, high plank, 5 plank jacks, 2 merkins, 5 plank jacks, 3 merkins
Squats IC X10
Imperial Walker IC x15


Mozy to the top of the hill on Kings Grant Dr., partner up and begin the Dora Castle Cross

Dora #1- 100 Merkins, 200 Squats
Partner 1- Run to first road on Tombee Hill while partner starts Merkins and Squats and repeat until Dora is done.
return to starting point (SP) (where Tombee and Kings Grant Drive meet)
Dora Round 2: 100 Crazy Crabs, 200 LBCs
Partner 1- Run down Kings Grant Dr. to first road on right while partner starts Crazy Crabs and LBCs until Dora is done. Return to (SP)


Dora Round 3: 100 Wide Arm Merkins, 100 Jump Squats
Partner 1- Run down Tombee the other way to the first street light while partner starts Wide Arm merkins until Dora is done. Return to SP
Dora Round 4: Planks and Bernie Sanders
Partner 1- Run to bottom of hill on Kings Grant Dr. and Bernie Sanders back up the hill while partner planks X2
Return to COP
Combination of high planks, planks and plank jacks
Combination of 6 inches, 90 degree hold and 45 degree hold
Full running man IC X20


Announcements: HDH