• When: 2019-03-08
  • QIC: Olive Oil
  • The PAX: Pepto, Chop Block, Ryans, Dance Off, Phantom, Cheddar, Black Lung, Pinot, Watergate, Steel Toe, Peebbles, Sweet Tart, Sparty

Do you believe in miracles???

Weather – mid 40’s.  Pretty awesome for some futbol.

As of now, you know how we Clash PAX do our backblast.  Because it would be just way to hard to do a complete breakdown of the game, we do highlights.  Well today, we only bring you one.  And it is not that there was not some great foot action from the PAX this am (cause there was), but YHC felt that this play needed it’s own backblast.  I am sure it will be the center of kitchen fodder for the next three years as it hangs on the refrigerator door.

Yes, Chop Block (son, for those who have no clue who they are) scored on Pepto (dad….of course).  And not the crazy play were something goes so right that you just shake your head.  No.  He took him to school.  And with no other PAX within yards of them….it was truly father versus son.

Let’s be honest here.  YHC was just turning after a failed attempt to look like a soccer player to see a pass that both were making strides to the other goal with one mission.  The ball between them and the goal.  Pepto says that he attempted a slide tackle and that is how lil ole Chop Block got the best of him.  Once the ball hit the back of the net….all the other PAX cheered.  And in Clash fashion, began to ridicule Pepto.  He took it well for the most part, until leaving early….beaten and bruised.  (ok, not really, he leaves early to get Choppy to school).

In all honesty, it was a bang bang play.  But for one glorious moment.  The son had beaten the father….

Count and Name

Prayers – Steel Toe – Grandmother moved to hospice, Phantom – wife’s granddad past, Dance Off – Wife with health issues.