• When: 2019-06-02
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: Emmy,Ebert, Katniss (R,Q)

Can I Carry Your Bag?

Conditions cooler but warm & dry




YHC did an off the cuff Q this AM due to getting home late the night b4 after some trail running at Harbison SF. Too exhausted  to pen a Q this is what went down…..


The thang,

70lb Sandbag and kettlebells and 3 pax

1 pax carries 70lb bag 50 yards out and back but before returning he does alternating squat sets of 5 then 10 reps between each new kettlebell exercise. While 1 pax carries  bag other do prescribed exercise until all pax have had a chance  to  carry bag and do squats. After all pax perform 1 out and back carry with squats a new kettlebell  exercise  is called AMRAP exercise until  all pax carry bag(human timer).

Some of the exercises during bag carries and squats

Goblet lunges alternating legs



Bottoms up  presses

Kettlebell swing

Chest press

Skull crushers

American hammers

Flutter kicks with bell overhead

Sit and press(legs straight, sit up with bell then press overhead)

And a few more i can’t remember

Time called and pax circle up

Count o rama,  name o rama


Need Qs for June and July


Brainiac health

Deadstick medical



Great devo by our brother Wes Barry F3 Agony @wbbarry

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