• When: 2019-01-10
  • The PAX: Tarjay, Scooper, Bing, Hash & Rice, Dozer, Beaver Pelt, Magellin, Buzzsaw, Cheers, Coon Dog, Dr. Lovin, Soaker, Pickle, Lego, and 1 K-9 (Jack)


Weather:  Chilly

SSH – ICx43

LBAC – 22 forward and 21 backward

Introduce the Pax to the Song “Sally Goes Up and Bring Sally Down”  Assume the Merkin position.  When she goes down you go down.  When she goes up you come up.  Song is 3:37 minutes long.  Repeat with squats and 6″ off the ground.

Mosey to the field and the blinky lights.  Series of 3 blinking lights. Bear Crawl / crab walk suicides.  Each time you get to starting point do 3 burpees.  At each light do 10 reps of given exercise.  Bear Crawl up the ladder and Crab walk down the ladder.

The exercises:

Round one – 10 merkins @ each light

Round Two – 10 squats and per Bing request substituted lunge forward / backward to bear / crab crawls.

Round two – 10 Boat canoe until time is called. (Went back to the bear / crab crawls).


Dam to Dam Feb 16

P200 sign up and train


Cheers coworker is battling cancer and Hospice has been called in.

The Wells Family

High Test and Decaf lost their father in traffic accident