• When: 2018-11-27
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Knozit, Coon Dog, Dunphy, Bing, Ponzi, Buzzsaw, Cheers, Beaver Pelt, Milk & Cookies, Big Box, Doc Lovin’, Magellan, Doo Dah, Hash & Rice, Cowbell, Ken Doll

The Slammer Remixed

With The Slammer being sometimes attendance prohibitive, a makeover was in order to motivate the Shank pax. Also, YHC agrees with Uncle Ron that the original version is too rep-heavy, leading to bad form.

This version of The Slammer features new exercises, more pain stations, more lunges, less reps…but the bear crawl had to stay. Reviews haven’t yet come in for this remix of The Slammer. But, it’s an AMRAP workout. And if you can’t get a good workout in an AMRAP workout, that’s on you.

All in all, great morning in the Shawshank gloom. 9 posted for The Rock. 2 posted for Stridelite.

Conditions: 30s

The Thang:


-Laps start at picnic tables
-Each lap is a figure 8
-Each exercise is 5 reps OYO

Box Jumps
Bear crawl long bridge
Run up the hill
Iron Crosses
Run to middle bridge
Lunge middle bridge
Calf raises on stairs
Run to next corner
Jump Squats
Run to next corner
Carolina Dry Docks
Run to middle bridge
Lunge middle bridge
Calf raises on stairs
Run back to shelter


Prayer Requests:
-Juice’s FIL
-Aim High
-Couple in Hash’s small group
-Buzzsaw’s SIL, Heather

-Need mentors. Ask YHC for details
-Shank is sponsoring a family for Families Helping Families. Give what you feel led
12/1: The Wildcat
12/14: Christmas Party. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/other/5th-annual-f3fia-lexington-christmas-party
2/16: Dam to Dam Relay: www.damtodamrelay.com