• When: 2018-10-25
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Man Bun, Coon Dog, Bing, Buzzsaw (R), Knozit, Dunphy, Hash & Rice, Ponzi

The Side Monkey under a Moonlit Sky

The men of the Shank answered the call this brisk morning to enjoy a full moon and some odd exercises. YHC brought a rather large weinke (ok, it was a full dang page of notebook paper) and still didn’t really follow it, so hopefully this captures everything in order…

The weather: 47 and cool with a full moon


The Thang: Mosey around the inside loop and to the back soccer fields. Circle up.
15 SSS 4ct IC
10 LBAC 4ct IC forward
15 overhead claps 4ct IC
10 LBAC 4ct IC rear

To the block pile and grab you favorite, refrigerated block. An unnamed Pax chose this day to be glove free. Hardcore!
Line up on the sideline. YHC kindly placed a red light about 15 yards away as the target. All exercises are done 15 on the sideline, move to the red light, 10 more, return to starting position and plank.

Round 1: 15 Block Complex – Side Monkey with block – 10 Block Complex – Side Monkey with block
Round 2: 15 Block Rollers – Shuttle Sprint to light and back – 10 Block Rollers
Round 3:  15 Good Mornings – Bear Crawl block drag – 10 Good Mornings – Bear crawl block drag
Round 4: Lunge Twist with block to light and back
Round 5: 50 squats

Mosey back to block pile and return blocks. Go to bear crawl bridge and crawl bear back across the bridge (thanks Buzzsaw!).

Find a spot on the wall: 1 minute people’s chair
On your six – 50 4ct Flutter Kicks IC



10/27 – Run Leo Run with Speed for Need
11/3 – Knozit Respect Q
11/3 – City Ruck Tour 9am Richland Fashion Mall
11/10 – Cheech 10k
11/17 – Hairy Bison
12/1 – The Wildcat
12/8 – Lexington Brew Ruck presents Childrens Hospital Toy Ruck
12/14 – Christmas Party
1/1 – New Years Day Convergence
1/6 – Harbison 50k

Prayers: Children – Levi (TSS), Hampton (Cancer), Cameron (TSS)
Pax – injured and healing, one with cancer
Florence – Loss of two police officers on duty
Hurricane victims

On Tuesday YHC told the Pax that YHC had a rough week. It sucked, and still does. Things happen. YHC’s natural inclination is to literally shut down and disappear. YHC was ready to tell Cheers to cover my Q and peace out ’til whenever. As YHC sat at work, trying to remember passwords to start shutting down social media accounts (so no one will bother YHC), it occurred to YHC how frickin stupid this is. So, YHC reversed course and decided to deliver a serious beatdown today, because THAT is what YHC needed.

We all have things happen. Just remember no Pax is alone when these things happen. While YHC is very private and would more than likely never disclose what is going on, that does not mean that the mere presence of YHC’s brothers in the gloom makes the world a better place. The Pax HC’ed. That is all YHC needed. A wise man told YHC last week to engage one 50 meter target at a time. That is what is being done. As Buzzsaw reminded YHC this morning, God’s got this, and there is no need to pretend like a better solution exists.

Thank you Pax of Shawshank. you all are true friends, and YHC is grateful for you all.