• When: 01/12/2018
  • QIC: Caboose
  • The PAX: Shankapotomus (Respect), Wilson, Wino, Doodle, Puck Happy Trees, Caboose

The Return Of Fartlek Friday

YHC put the word out on the Rooster message board that Fartlek Friday would be returning to Rooster this unusually warm January morning, and some PAX jokingly referred to it as “Fartsack Friday”, causing YHC to wonder – would YHC be fartleking alone? Fartleks are no fun without friends and fellowship, but if forced to face this fact YHC would find the fortitude to fend off feelings of failure and forgive the fellas. YHC would just have to find focus, and fartlek alone. Fortunately the fearless freaks of Rooster were found faithful and the fun that is Fartlek Friday finally began!


Indian run 1 mile up and down Main

Fartleks one mile up and down Main consisting of many sprints and some karaokes, duck walks, backpedals, reverse lunges, a fast mosey and some high knees.

Now a 3/4 mile or so cool-down lap around the park

Indian Run up Main and Fartleking back down, with Wino calling for an Indian Wave the last quarter mile or so. Nice.

Then, at the request of Shankapotomus, we escorted Doodle home, in reverse. (Shank hadn’t quite had his fill of pain for the morning)

Mosey back to the flag

Approx. 4 miles were put in by all the runners except Doodle, who came out early for an extra mile ( T-claps Doodle).

Also Cobains to Puck. He is an avid fartlekker and the HOMO (hatred of missing out) that he must have experienced, as he watched his brothers fartlekkng furiously and freely while he did his PT, had to have been horrible. Prayers for a speedy recovery for our brother. Fortunately, we will Fartlek again in the future and it will surely be fantastic!