• When: 2018-12-29
  • QIC: Contra
  • The PAX: Columbo, Part Time, OchoCinco, Tea Party, Swamp Thing (Altar Boy and Garmin running)

Tapalms and disc golf

Disclaimer and opening prayer

Mosey around parking lot to Legoland

COP: 15ea IC

-SSH, TTT, squats, windmill, LBC, shoulder burner (LBAC fwd, bkwd, overhead clap, dirty bird, raise the roof 10ea IC)

The Thang:

Each pax collected a Duplo and carried it around the Dark Mile with stops at the corners and back at Legoland for 8-count Tapalms x10 IC

Pax then counted off in 1’s and 2’s for teams to play 6 holes of disc golf F3-style, doing 10 squats before each throw. Each team won 3 holes. The final hole was the shovel flag.

Mary: flutterkicks x25 IC


Announcements: New Year’s day convergence at Graveyard

Prayer Requests: healing for Columbo’s children and Altar Boy’s youngest daughter (illness)

Update was given on, and continued prayers requested for, OchoCinco’s sister-in-law