• When: 2018-04-17
  • The PAX: Overage, Drisoket, Moist, Trickle, Dozer, Puck, Navy Bean

Stair Wheelbarrows, Blocks, Bricks, and Apolo Ohno

YHC arrived at CAT about 15 minutes early to find Overage already in the parking lot eagerly anticipating the beginning of bootcamp. One by one the pax rolled in. Every man, including YHC, complained about the 38 degree start (or was it 36… maybe 32… there were reports of ice on cars). I hope someone in F3 Toledo, F3Chicago, or F3Pittsburgh reads this (currently snowing Toledo and Pittsburgh and 28 in Chicago). Its ok, Pittsburgh your weather sucks but your hockey team is about the win Lord Stanley’s Cup for 3 years in a row. B3LI3V3 and Go Penguins.

The CAT shovel flag has been making the rounds lately. Today may make the 14th day in a row that the CAT flag has been in the ground for a workout. YHC has the Rooster shovel flag in the trunk of his car and felt it deserved to fly today too.  The twin shovel flags were a beautiful sight.

6 Pax assembled, the disclaimer and Prayer were given. The Pax started to mosey over to the stairs when one final pax came rolling in.  No names will be given but this normally damp and punctual pax was just a little behind schedule this morning. Hey, it’s 5AM, its early, we will forgive you. All the pax stopped do the COP while our 7th Pax caught up.


Wind Mill X 15 IC

LBC Forward and backward X 10 IC

Overhead Claps X 10 IC

Dirty Birds X 10 IC

Imperial Walkers X 10 IC

Apolo Ohno X 10 IC

Thang 1

Slowsey to the stairs and partner up. The partners will help each other count to 11.

The pax perform 10 big boy sit ups at the top of the stairs and 1 four count flutter kick at the bottom. Decrease the BBSU by 1 and increase the flutter kicks by 1 each lap.

But wait, there’s more and it’s about to get stupid.

To get from the bottom of the stairs to the top, the partners will alternate doing a wheel barrow from the bottom to the top. P1 holds P2’s feet up while P2 goes hand over hand up the stairs.  Walk down the stairs and flap jack for the next pass.

Plank it up for the 6. YHC introduced the pax to the side plank and threading the needle. In a tall side plank, take the free and reach under your body and as far behind yourself as you can then bring the hand back to extended straight up.  No big deal as long as you don’t fall on your face. (X5 each hand)

Thang 2

Slowsey over to the parking

Still in partners, P1 lunge walks while P2 does 10 hand release merkins. Once the merkins are done walk/run up the P1 and switch places. Once the pax reached the opposite side of the parking lot, reverse.

P1 reverse lunges while P2 does hand release merkins.

Thang 3

Slowsey over to the brick Pile

Each Pax takes a block and 2 bricks. The bricks and blocks are placed about 10 yards apart. T-claps to whoever left the cone perfectly positioned on the field for me.

YHC likes his Qs to escalate and get harder and harder as the time passes. Partners are abandon and each pax is on his own. You vs you for the last 15 minutes.

The Pax push hard to perform 10 block thrusts then run/walk to the bricks and do one renegade rows w/squat trusts and overhead press (RR STOP) (merkin, right hand row, merkin, left hand row, squat thrust and overhead press is 1 rep).

Decrease the block thrusts by 1 and increase the RR STOP by 1 each lap.
YHC called time about 2 minutes early, so when we assembled back at the twin shovel flags there was a little time left and the Pax don’t like wasted time. YHC called for dips on the curb AMRAP until 5:45.

T-claps to the Men of CAT this morning for getting the work done.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, BOM

YHC took a moment this morning to thank the men of CAT for helping him maintain his sanity while out of the groove for a solid year due to hip surgery. YHC is not 100% and definitely plans on making CAT a regular part of the AO rotation.   YHC has ambitions of hitting up other AOs and run groups in the coming months as recovery continues. YHC is glad to count the men at CAT among his friends and truly appreciates them.