• When: 2017-10-31
  • QIC: Snakehandler
  • The PAX: Kazoo, Honey Bun(Respect), Icarus, Steamer, Finch, 6ft Under, Awol(Respect), Tonka, Harp, Tri Delta, Wood Chipper, Ralphie, Hoboken, Snake Handler

Simple ain’t Easy

***Posted by a Clemson grad on behalf of Snakehandler***

Temps: Clear starry sky with a temp of 41% degrees and a 100% chance of perspiration.



YHC lost no sleep over what he was about to unleash on the Pax this morning. However, as the ice-cold morning air touched my skin upon exiting my truck this morning, I wondered if this workout would be too difficult. YHC quickly crushed that thought and decided to go with the game plan.

After our opening prayer, I circled them up at the flag. The shock and horror on the face of the Pax made me extremely excited that I choose Halloween day to Q this workout.

Warm Up

Slaughter Starter 25 Burpees OYO

SSH IC x15

TTT IC x 15

LBAC IC 10F & 10R

Immediately after calling Slaughter Starter for the first warm up exercise, the Pax knew they were in my world now. I even contemplated making the workout a little easier. That was until a Clemson grad, who was jealous that I could count to three, began to heckle YHC concerning the cadence. So I proceeded with the planned pain, and we moseyed to the track. YHC circled the Pax and gave them instructions concerning The Cooper.

The Cooper

10 Burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Iron Crosses then run 1 lap around the track. Decrease the reps by one and continue to run a lap after each set of exercises.

Those who say you can’t get enough miles in at Bootcamp have never accepted the challenge. By the end of the workout, those who completed it had covered almost 3 miles. Great work was done by all men on this day! The Pax proved to YHC that they were up for the challenge.

Count o rama

Name o rama