• When: 2018-08-10
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Nub, Matlock, Shankapotomus (Respect), Puck, Swayze, Wilson and Stay Puff

Runners, Ruckers and Bikers….We Gotta Pray

YHC was thrilled to be able to post and run today as life events have caused some absences other days of the week.  It was great seeing Shank again in the gloom and having Wilson back out, even if on 2 wheels instead of feet. (Looks like he was pacing the Pax via that mode of mobility as well)  As the fellowship and mumblechatter rolled on through the 1 min warning and Swayze getting the other Pax all riled up it was time for prayer.  Good idea/worst idea as YHC and Puck decided to push for a crown on this run.  T-claps to Puck for setting a PR on the Chicken Strip segment.  Wilson’s crown is still safe for now.  Once we all returned back to the flag the mumblechatter picked up right where it left off.  A little more complaining this time about everything from bike seats to rucksacks (even those some of us carry in front eh Swayze?)  Of course with Urkle out of town Nub was able to carry on the Bouknight tradition of constant complaing.  Again YHC had to initiate that prayer to keep us all in check.  Great work this morning by all.  Only outdone by the fellowship.

Weather: Perfect

1 min warning


The Route:  Good old Bilo Route for Runners.  Bikers covered all manner sins…literally.  As usual we’re saved by Ruckers.