• When: 2017-12-19
  • QIC: Pow Pow
  • The PAX: Squatter, Juice, Sawdust, Paper Jam, Brita, Peachy, Meter, Pow Pow

Pow Pows Bike Q


QIC: Pow Pow

The PAX: Peachy, Juice, Squatter, Meter, Brita,
Paper Jam, Saw Dust

Pow Pow brings the bike to Q2 for Santa Pow
Pow’s Dirty Dozen.

It was a windy morning for my 2nd Q,
but 8 PAX showed up to get better and my lingo was markedly better this time.
Not sure how many we had for SL.

Conditions: mid 50s.  Windy at jump
street, but it died down or we warmed up… not sure which.

The Thang: 1 min (30 sec actually) warning, no
FNGs, disclaimer, prayer.

Circle up for warm-up.

1. 30 X SSHs IC

2. 30 X TTTs IC

3. 30 x LBACs forward IC

4. 30 x LBACs reverse IC

Note: 3 and 4 were performed without a break
in-between and many complaints were registered.

Mosey to the block pile and each PAX grab a
block and 2 bricks and head to the west end of the PHMS covered walkway.  Leave the building materials and mosey to the
east end of the covered walkway so Santa’s fun can begin.  Santa left a mountain bike by the east end
station and PAX are instructed to count off.
PAX #1 rides 2 laps around the big loop while the rest of the PAX
complete the specified station 1 exercise AMRAP in the time it takes to complete
the laps.  Next, PAX #2 gets on the bike
for their 2 laps and the rest of the PAX run to station 2 and complete the
specified exercise AMRAP in the time it takes complete the laps. Continue until
all stations (The Dirty Dozen) were completed.
Technically, we ran out of time and skipped 10 and 11 so we could complete

East End Stations:

1 – Scissor Kicks

3 – Big Boy Sit-Ups

5 – LBCs

7 – Bear Crawl to Station 8

9 – Gas Pumps

11 – Merkins

West End Stations:

2 – Burpees

4 – Block Front Squats

6 – Chest Flys (on your back with Bricks)

8 – Elf on the Shelfs

10 – Lunges to Station 11

12 – Block Get-Ups


Dam 2 Dam and P200 races are coming up

Ambush is making donation to LaVie on Friday. Taking
donations until Thursday

2018 Q sheet needs more volunteers


Liability’s Daughter, Remember
to be thankful for God’s blessings, Remember families/marriages – 2017 has been