• When: 2017-09-05
  • QIC: Tomahawk Boys
  • The PAX: Hemingway, Chum Lee, Doodah, Elmers, Dunphy, Hot Spot, Muggytape, Big Box, Milk &a Cookies, Buzz Saw, Ponzy, Hash n Rice, Bonsai, Cheers, Bing, Cowbell, Notebook, Teachers Pet, The Champ Ken Doll!!!

Payback is a……….DONUT!

Payback time finally came for The Champ Ken Doll! The month of June was the Tomahawk Challenge and there were many great Qs! However, once the scorecards were tallied Ken Doll came out on top. So to payback the winner Tomahawk Boys brought the Q and Donuts!

By the book Disclaimer

The Shank isn’t used to a workout without a warm up, so we circled up to deliver an easy start! We honored Fracture with a Burpee EMOM, and No Help with 99 SSH in cadence.

Mosey to the block pile grab a block and circle up for Rangers PYT. This section got out of hand when flapping ones jaws while holding ones block on their hips proved too much for Grout to handle. Let’s just say Ken Dolls shoulders could handle the beatdown and Dunphys beastly arms didn’t whine. Afterwards of us finished we moseyed to the goal line for a couple 100 yard sprints in honor of Shades and Bulldog.

Then we moseyed on over to the smallest hill known to F3 Nation to honor The Champ! It wasn’t large enough to honor Cheedah, The Hollow, or H4Ts Qs so sorry brothers! We did a little Ken Doll plank work followed by his plank walks with hydrolics and mountain climbers.

Shoulders a blaze we moseyed back to the bridge and Buzz Saw “chiseled” out the words “bearcrawl” so we did. Then we closed with a little core work with the help of one whom holds blocks.

It was a blast to come out to the Shank with The Tomahawk Boys! Thanks Ken Doll for bringing a creative hard Q!


Cheech 10k November 11 @ 7:30 $30
AO launch sneak peak
The Hollow Challenge kicks off in October

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