• When: 3/31/15
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Good Hands, Lt. Dan, Floppy Disk, Dance Machine, Shake and Bake, Crack, Potluck, The Closer, Cream Cheese, Rebar, Stella, Turf Toe, Toe Ring, Honey Boo Boo, Bulldog, Long Haul, No Show, Booby Trap, Breakfast Club, Short Haul, Shooter, Khakis, Shades of Grey, Hanging Chad, House(Respect), Itchy(Respect), Spackle(Respect), Forrest, Weekend Special, Mac

No yoga mats? No designer water bottles?

30 Pax braved the gloom of Graveyard to enjoy a lovely beatdown from YHC. Being YHCs first time on the Q at this AO the plan was to lay it down hard and make F3LEXSC’s mothership AO earn their title. YHC brought along the yoga mat and water bottle but hesitated to bring them to the COT because no one else had them. I guess the rumors weren’t true. After naively dismissing Lt. Dan’s offer to unlock some gates we circled up for a quick prayer and off we went. Moseying to the practice field, where half of the evil plan would take place, YHC quickly realized his mistake as the gates were locked. No time to look unprepared, this is the big leagues, let’s circle up and get it on!

The Weather: cool and dry….perfect gloom!

Tha Thang:

Mosey to practice field or outside of the locked practice field gates

COP – All IC

SSH x 20

TTT x 20

IW x 30

WM x 20

LBAC x 10 ew

Merkins x 20

Copperhead squat x 25

Morning wood x 10 each side (Don’t forget to dot that I)

Reverse lunge knee ups x 15 each side

At this point my Weinke was out because the plan was for field work. Never let them see you sweat. Time to call some audibles. Cemetery hill is always an easy fallback. What’s that in the distance? Is that Crypt on the hill? No reason to panic, act like you planned it all along and pull something out of your hat. Ta Da!

Mosey to parking lot for…

Nascar (YHC had to breakout NASCAR for Shake and Bake)

Count off in 6 teams of 5

1 person is the car(runner)

Car calls exercise for rest of crew to AMRAP while he makes a lap around parking lot medians

Car planks on arrival and crew does 20 Merkins each (Sound effects required)

Repeat with new car until everyone has ran

YHC was disappointed in the lack of sound effects other than what sounded like a few engines backfiring in Shades of Grey’s group

Stay in groups for…

Rings of fire (They burn, burn, burn!!!)

Plank/Merkins x 15/10/5

Mosey around the corner to…

Not the hill Mac…

My favorite hill…

Don’t do it Mac….

Breakfast Club knows YHC too well…

Triple nickel (Had to bring the joy of the Triple Nickle to my new friends at Graveyard, sharing is caring!)

Sprint to top of the hill

5 burpees

Sprint down 5 burpees

Repeat 5 times

That’s the number 5, 3 times thus the triple part of the triple nickel.

(There’s one in every crowd…..two at Graveyard)

Mosey to sf area


Lil baby crunches x 20

Russian twist x 30

Flutter kick x 20 last 5 slo-mo no rest into 6″ x 3

Peter Parker x 20

Parker Peter x 20


BOM – Led by Lt. Dan


  • It was an honor to lead the men of Graveyard. It was another step for me as a leader as leading large groups like Graveyard and Shawshank is not only challenging but also a little intimidating. I appreciate the support from the Pax and the opportunity to grow as a person.
  • Note to self – Nascar is hard to explain to a group of thirty. Keep it simple next time!
  • Just be glad we didn’t follow my weinke, it was a lot tougher
  • T-Claps to Lt.Dan for leading the BOM



The pax of IronYard and Anchor have planned a convergence for April 3 at IronYard. Our very own Malfunction Junction is co-Qing. These Kettle Bell AOs have a strong core group but they are looking to add more. Give it a shot. Here’s the preblast:http://f3nation.com/2015/03/23/kettlekonvergence-preblast/


Time is running out for the Lexington tshirt preorder. Here’s the link to preorder the black Mudgear or Red UnderArmour. http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/newest

Mud Run

The Mud Run on April 11 is our Super Bowl. Still time to sign up. You can reply to this email with interest and we’ll make sure you’re on a team. If you wish not to participate, we’ll take volunteers to help set up, take pictures or just provide moral support to the pax.

F3 Greenwood

Put Saturday May 9th on your calendar. Lexington is launching F3 Greenwood. If you know anyone in that area, send them this link to sign up: www.f3greenwood.com.

Blue Ridge Relay

Lexington had a huge showing for the P200. Tclaps to those that represented us so well. We’ve now set our sights on The Blue Ridge Relay. This event is the weekend of September 11. It’s just like the P200 but you run up a mountain. #CSAUP. About 15 of us have HC’d so far. We’d like to get a minimum of 21. Contact BRR QIC Hanging Chad.

From <http://f3nation.com/2015/03/31/tuesday-with-the-herd/>

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