• When: 2018-01-13
  • QIC: Tater
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Swanson, The Closer, Quest, Tater

My First Time

5 Pax beat the fartsack to show up for YHC’s VQ at Turning Point.

Registering to Q happened very fast and on a whim for YHC the day before TP.  YHC would be lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about adding his name to the Q sheet for the past couple weeks, but he hadn’t made the jump.  YHC checked the weather the night before, and the forecast was promising.  Around 41 degrees is a nice break from the frigid temps experienced last week.  YHC woke up to slightly different conditions than forecasted.  Work was done.  Laughs were heard.  Betterment was achieved.

Conditions: COLD and damp 33 degrees with a wind chill of 23.

The Thang:


Mosey around to the staff lot.  Circle up.

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC (The cough cadence was introduced when YHC got choked; pax were forgiving.)
  • LBAC x 15 IC (hold ‘em up. Quis arrived and wanted to converse, YHC was happy to oblige but pax requested to continue the workout since arms were still up.)
  • Reverse LBAC x 15 IC (hold ‘em up)
  • Overhead Clap x 15 IC (hold ‘em up)
  • Dirty Bird x 15 IC (hold ‘em up)
  • Moroccan Night Club x 16 IC (YHC got a little excited and forgot to change tone, recover)
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
  • Shoulder Taps x 10 IC

Mosey to the track.  Take one easy lap around together.  Line up at the end of the field by the soccer goal, opposite the stairs.  YHC explained to the pax that he tried to pick an exercise that reminded him of each one of the pax present or each pax influential in his posting at a workout.  Quis commented that Treadmill is not here so no Bearcrawls were needed.  YHC disagreed.

  • Bear Crawl to the first tree. Plank for the 6.
  • 10 Merkins OYO.

The idea was to repeat for all 4 trees.  YHC realized at tree 2 that the shoulders would need a break so we stood up to recover for a moment.  Then we repeated for the next 2 trees.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill.  At the bottom of the hill, YHC explained that he would always remember an exercise called at the bottom of this hill during Dear Diary’s VQ, the “Apollo Creed Burpee”.  In honor of DD the Apollo Creed Burpee was called for “0” reps.

  • Bernie Sanders up the hill
  • Crawl Bear down the hill

Mosey one easy lap around the track back to the end of the field by the stairs.

YHC then told the pax about a particularly miserable exercise from a punishing workout called: the “Burpee Broad Jump.”  It really sucked, so let’s do it!

  • Burpee Broad Jump from 1st tree to 2nd
  • Plank for the 6.
  • 10 Squats OYO.
  • Rinse and repeat until reaching the 4th

Mosey to the stairs.  Grab a stair.

YHC told the pax about a particularly memorable exercise when Quest was QIC of a workout.  The pax started at the bottom of the stairs doing 1 calf raise and climbed the stairs adding one additional rep for each stair that was climbed (1 rep on 1st stair, 2 on 2nd, etc).  YHC completed that exercise but could not walk for days afterward.  That is not what is going to be done today.  YHC called calf raises in cadence until 2 calf raises were done.  Pax were then instructed to recover.

Mosey one easy lap around the track (YHC believes it was in this lap that Quis was told that the running of laps was for him.  Trying to access the block pile, which would have been a more fitting tribute, was a little too treacherous for YHC’s liking given the moist conditions.  YHC also discussed The Closer’s favorite exercise so that it could be included in the workout).  YHC aims to please!

Starting at the tree closest to the stairs again, YHC called the inchworm.  Several pax were familiar with a different form of the inchworm, but this seemed to be a new exercise for most.  It involves lining up head to feet in the plank position and the last pax in line then bear crawls to the front of the line.

  • Inchworm from tree 1 to 2
  • Broad Jump from tree 2 to 3
  • Inchworm from tree 3 to 4

After the inchworm “The Swanson” was introduced and embraced by the pax.  Mosey for one more easy lap.  At this point Quest needed to leave so YHC decided to keep everyone together and mosey to the shovel flag.  All pax got in position for Mary when Swanson suggested that it would probably be a good idea to let Quest drive away before laying down on the ground in the parking lot.  Aye Swanson, thanks for having our backs.


  • Merkin x 10 IC
  • Dolly x 15 IC
  • High Dolly (aka Rosalita) x 15 IC
  • LBC x 25 IC
  • Dying Cockroach x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 10 IC
  • Freddie Mercury x 15 IC
  • American Hammer x 10 IC
  • Boat Canoe OMC


  • Count-o-Rama
  • Name-o-Rama


  • “The Swanson” was born and may be the favorite exercise of the pax.
  • The Closer wore shorts. The wind chill was 23.
  • Quest is a quick bear crawler.
  • Quis taught YHC the correct count for the dying cockroach.
  • TClaps to all the guys who showed up on a cold Saturday morning!
  • YHC is blessed to be surrounded by such great, encouraging men.


Prayer Requests:

  • Healing for sick or Injured Pax.
  • Jones
  • Quis B-I-L.


Love God-Style from