• When: 2018-05-15
  • QIC: Mercy Rule
  • The PAX: Spaghettios, Wayward Son, Muggy Tape, Grave Digger, Cramps, Honey Boo Boo, All 9's, Irrev, Kenwood, Stalker, Slumlord, Cooter, Meatball, Brick, Mulligan, Hoist, Fuzzy Naval, Ground Mount, Hemingway

Mercy Rule 1 year anniversary q

Temps 75 and humid


Mosey to the block pile and pick a winner


Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Hamstring Stretch 15 IC

10 Yards High Knees return to start with butt kicks and repeat

100 Yards 50% sprint / 100 Yards 75% sprint

Let the fun begin


300 yard shuttle with 15 seconds rest X 3 (This is NOT fun)

60 yard side shuffle shuttle X 2

Place your gloves on the ground to make a line

Hop over front and back 30 seconds

Hop over side to side 30 seconds

Grab your block


10 OH Press

10 Merkins

10 Tricep extensions

10 Merkins

10 Curls for the girls

10 Merkins

10 Block Rows

10 Merkins

Repeat but replace Merkins with Squats

Head back to the block pile and put up your block

Grab a spot on the wall for peoples chair until YHC gets tired

Head to the sidewalk for 6 inches until YHC gets tired

Head back to the wall for peoples chair until YHC gets tired

Circle up for a merkin circle with 3 merkins per pax while all other pax hold plank

Iron Cross circle completed the workout.

Mosey Back to the shovel flag

Thanks for all that came out for the 1 year celebration. I am thankful and grateful for ever PAX that posts to help each other be better.


Mud Run

Cramps Patients Wife

Slumlords Daughter leaving to study abroad

All unspoken


Every day find 5 minutes to sit alone in quiet. Take these 5 minutes to reflect on your day. Life moves very fast. Realize how lucky each and every one of us is. If you reflect on some positive highlights in your day and your life it will slowly change your attitude / outlook on life. Use that rejuvenated positivity to go out and make a difference in someone else’s life.