• When: 2020-08-21
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Papa Giorgio, Ken Doll, Hatcher, Pickaxe, Breakfast Club, Arrears, Rock Drop (R), Forest, Argyle, Cheers

Jaywalking at Urban Legend

YHC loves to Q at Urban Legend. There are a lot of things to do, which is helpful for those who are less creative than others. Today was a little disappointing because Ken Doll didn’t say much and mumble chatter was almost non-existent. Hopefully, he was just tired and this is not a trend, that would be overly disappointing. Argyle did jaywalk this morning and preceded to explain that this is still against the law in Lexington while blaming the Q, so that was entertaining.

In all seriousness, YHC did not use precaution when crossing the street to Radius Church. He led the men across where there was no crosswalk. This does not sound like a big deal, but that is because everyone came back to tell this tale. If YHC expects drivers to be cautious to keep walkers, runners, and bikers safe, he must do his part. This will change next time. YHC will do better.

Here’s how it went today:


Mosey to Radius Church

Bear Crawl in lanes between parking spaces stopping at end of each lane for 3 of the following exercises:
* Merkins x 10
* Squats x 10
* Plank jacks x 10
* Burpees x 5
4 rounds for 4 lanes

Mosey to amphitheater parking lot
* Facing amphitheater, line up on right side of parking lot
* Carolina Dry Docks x 50
* Lunge to opposite side of parking lot
* Calf raises: Regular x 34; Feet in x 33; Feet out x 33

Mosey to Ohara’s and find a spot on the planters:
* Dips x 50
* Decline merkins x 25
* Incline merkins x 25

Mosey to Circle beside the courthouse:
* At first spot, Flutter kicks x 25 (2 count)
* Mosey to back area of circle, monkey humpers x 25
* Mosey to spot next to courthouse, Australian snow angels x 25

Mosey back to shovel flag


2 minutes of each exercise below, 30 seconds between each exercise:
* Freddie Mercury
* Hello Dollies
* Six inches x 1 minute; rest; 30 seconds

* If you feel led, please give to Ken Doll’s campaign. Links will be posted to AO’s message boards. Get out and vote when the time arrives as well. If you want a yard sign, let your AOQ know or reach out to Ken Doll @TravisPriceSC
* This Saturday is at Hollow, meet at parking lot between track and gym; will run one mile with FiA, then go to Hollow for Rugby
* Safe Run is still being planned for October, but more to details to follow
* Gauntlet TBD
* Next week is Week 0 for Iron PAX: All of September is IPC each week; Tuesday options at Hollow, CAT, and Surge; Thursday option at Jumanji; Shawshank is open for regular BC; Wednesday option at Lexington High Track at 5am

* Tinkle’s mom
* Notebook
* Shawshank PAX: Ponzi, Dooda, Lego and family
* Coon Dog’s wife is expected to have their baby any day now
* Sidecar and family

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