• When: 03/21/2015
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Chinstrap, Misty, Daisy, Fokker, Honeybun (Respect), Julep, Harp

Iron sharpens iron, but block builds bodies

There is nothing quite like following up a Fartsack double down with a Saturday Q, so not only have I been absent a week (no excuses, because the PAX called out YHC on all of them) but YHC has been tasked with leading men of iron to the point of failure. PAX put forth great effort, just like always.   Everyone got their money’s worth.



Conditions: 57 degrees overcast and wet, perfect iron sharpening weather

Mosey to practice field

All in cadence

SSH X 20
IW X 20
TTT X 20
WM X 15
LAC each way x 10
LBC’s x 20 oyo
Merkins x 20 oyo

The Thang:

Mosey to the lower field for arm work

Brick it up, and head to the block party


Overhead block press x15, followed by brick press x15

Standing block lift x 15, followed by brick lift x15

Flys with bricks x 15

Tricep press with blocks x15, the bricks x15

Block curls x 15, brick curls x 15

Alternating brick curls x 20

Offset merkins x 10 each way, brick merkins x 10 oyo

Lay on your back, block press x 15, followed by brick press x15, brick flys x 15 recover

BBSU x 20

Lay back overhead block raises x 10, brick raises x 15

BBSU x 15

V ups with bricks x 10

Squat thrusts with blocks x 15 oyo, follow up with bricks x 15 oyo

Lunges with bricks x 20 each leg

Squats with blocks x 25 IC

Step ups with bricks x 25 each leg, step ups high pace x 5

Chinstrap throws in a dealers choice flutter kicks x 25

Squat thrusts with blocks x 15, with bricks x 15

Alternating curls with bricks x 20

Curls 21’s in cadence

At this point we had some time left and while YHC was having trouble counting and making cognitive decisions, we threw in a few extras which may have been forgotten.

Mosey to the practice field for dealers choice


Merkins IC x15 by Honeybun (he initially called for 20 IC much to the disbelief of the PAX)

Heel touches x 20 IC by YHC

50 yards of tunnel of love by Misty-we probably covered 50 yards in the big left handed curve, buy only went about 15 yards in a straight line.

Mosey to the top




Mudrun April 11th, volunteers needed

Q’s needed, please step up

Rooney’s Knee

Mistys’ knee and the rest of him


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