• When: 2017-12-12
  • QIC: Pennyworth
  • The PAX: Brita, Tutu, Paper Jam, Pow Pow, Squatter, Juice, Pennyworth

Hit and Runs

Written By Pennyworth, posted by Juice

YHC finally got to do his planned VQ workout, since the rain changed his plans a few weeks ago.

1 minute warning



Tha Thang

SSH x 15

TTT x 15

Burpees IC x 15

Dips x 15

Mosey to pick up some blocks and on to the football field.  Three tractor tires are set up on the side line of the football field.  We had a total of seven pax, so we added another station with two blocks.  Partner up (except for the pax on the blocks).   One man will flip a tire across the field, while his partner does exercises.   They will then swap after the tire has been flipped across the field and back.  The man with the two blocks will haul them across the field and back and begin doing exercises.  After everyone has made it back from flipping the tire (carrying the block), we run a lap around the track.  Rinse and repeat.  A total of three laps were completed.  First exercise was burpees, second was curls for the girls and the third was big boy sit-ups.

We finished up with people’s chair 1 min, balls to the wall 30 sec and gas pumps IC x 20.


YHC passed along some words on discipleship from Gerald Watford at Mt Hebron UMC:

“You go through life carrying that lesson: If you start it, you better try to be the best at it, and finish what you’ve got to finish.” Those are the words of Tony Nathan, one of the first black football players for Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama, then for the University of Alabama. He later played for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. As a High School sophomore, he wanted to play football on what was then an all-white team, against his mother’s wishes. Later when he wanted to quit the team due to racism, his mother would not allow it, teaching Nathan a lesson that would guide his life. This lesson about seeking excellence and giving your all to whatever you undertake, no matter how hard it gets, is a lesson taught in the Bible as well. For example, Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…” One of the challenges of life is making a full investment in something which leaves us willing to pay any price to pursue excellence and finish well. It is so tempting to move on to the next thing when one thing – be it a relationship or a dream or a belief – becomes hard to sustain and be faithful to. If it does not feel good we tend to let it go and go in search for something that does feel good. Yet anything truly valuable and worthwhile invariably requires an investment which asks us to keep going even when it does not feel good. Christmas represents God’s full investment in you. In giving His Son, first to be born in a manger and later to die on a cross, God’s message is simple, you have received the best that God can offer. When we hold to the lesson learned by Tony and taught by God, we raise the bar on our discipleship.