• When: 06/02/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Trey Castles (FNG) alter Boy, Ryan Webber (fNG) tuff Guy, Columbo, Inuit, Lee Merchant (FNG) Jared Moody (FNG) Swanson

FNG day comes to the Herd

YHC had big plans for the herd, it involved 3 miles and a couple extra special coupons. However, an audible was called when he arrived at the herd to a bunch of new faces, but YHC still has a reputation to keep so let the fun and games begin.

Disclaimer, Intro, and prayer

circle up

Smurfjacks x20

TTT x20

Partner Sqerkins x20

lunge to track- run to school, stop at the wall

balls to the wall and shoulder taps x10

wall sits- time for some fun and games- Burpee Rock Paper Scissors. The Rules-Beat the Q get off the wall and do 5 burpees, every round add 1 burpee.

Final round was 15 burpees, mosey to track and to front of school. Bear Crawl the pillars

mosey to side of school, raccoon crawl the benches

Mosey to BBall court merkins in cadence x20

Back to track sprint back across the bridge

grab blocks circle up

KB swings x20

Curls for girls x20

circle blocks for a merkin clock 1 rotation

put up the blocks and do a parking lot shuffle

side ways shuffle x2

back pedal shuffle x2

quick feet shuffle x2

1 full parking lot suicide

BOM- great work by all the Pax including the FNGs. YHC pushed them and they did great. Hope to see all their faces back in the gloom!

Now time for Names-

Trey Castles- Pediatrician, lost to his kid at Checkers for the first time for real- checkers reminds us of Cracker Barrel and he is Uncle Hershel

Ryan Webber- IT guy at USC but doesn’t like computers, end up talking about Office Space- Initech

Lee Merchant- works for chemical and herbicide company- Roundup

Jared Moody- Medic, newly married, chest pain specialist at Providence, wore a PetSmart tshirt- Milk Bone

welcome to F3


First Friday Fathers at Graveyard

5ks- Run Ella Run, Sweet Baby O


swansons dad fighting cancer

Swansons FNG that could make it had kidney stones

Friends broken leg

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