• When: 2018-03-12
  • QIC: Cowbell and Winston (K9)
  • The PAX: Hemmingway, Kukoc, Tiger Blood, Squatter, Winston (K9)

Directions are only a suggestion


Conditions were nice at about 48 degrees. Very humid, but no rain, even though it was forecast. Maybe that was why we had a low turnout. Puddles were everywhere since it rained the night before. Luckily God gave us a nice window without rain 🙂

Route and description were posted the day before. Fairly simple two loops and then a larger loop back to the flag.

Route is posted at https://www.strava.com/routes/12225474

My “confusing” description was:

Take a right on Hwy1. Go down toward the old mill. Left at bottom of hill on Taylor St. Right when that ends. Right on Corley St. First right on Heritage Trail. Keep taking lefts to circle back up to Corley St. Take Right. Right again on Farmhouse loop Rd. Circle back to Corley. Pass Lexington Middle school. Go straight on 378. Take left on Thompson St. (Right before Little lex medical center). Left on Hendrix and head back home. 6 miles.

I always try to use landmarks if there are some as most street signs are hard to read in the dark with no light.

Kukoc was off to the races in his newfound low 7min pace. he actually followed the route i posted, but wanted to run extra miles. Tiger blood and Squatter made it back to the flag blazing their own trail.

As for the Strava route, I found out if you view any postings in the Stava app, online from your computer, or even on an iPad, you can zoom in to check the turns and street names, clicking on the link on your phone only shows you a picture.

Hope that helps.