• When: 
  • QIC: Voltron & Spackle
  • The PAX: Itchy(R), Popoff, Lumbergh, 6 String, Spackle(R), YHC Voltron(R)

Can’t Spell Critique Without A Q

Weather: 60 degrees, Typical February Morning!

Fax # (803)-SPACKLE

Shake & Bake had to take a day off today, so he made a call to the Q bullpen. YHC handled most of the duties and Spackle handled the rest, which mainly consisted of complaints and criticism. After all, you can’t spell critique without a Q!

Today’s Reaper route consisted of the traditional hill route with one twist thrown in. At each set of lights stop and do 5 squats. That’s 10 squats going up the hill and 10 squats going down.

There were only 6 Reaper pax, but with Couch – to – 5k pax and FIA runners the hill was pretty busy.

Good work by all.

The Thang:

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Start at the bottom of the hill. Run to the first set of lights. 5 Squats. Run to the second set of lights. 5 Squats. At the top of the hill do 21 merkins. Run down the hill, stopping to do 5 squats at each set of lights. 21 LBC’s at the bottom. Increase the number of merkins and LBC’s by one rep on each lap.

Continue for 45 minutes.


Prayer Requests

Unspoken requests


–        Feb 16 Dam-to-Dam relay

–        March 2 F3 Lexington 5 Year Convergence

–        March 16 Race Against Hunger – now at Lexington High School

–        March 22, 23 – P200