• When: 2020-01-02
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Wino, Shankopotamus, Wilson, Ace, Tongue n Groove, Puck, Happy Trees

Bring on 2020, be a forward thinker

You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂

After a solid convergence yesterday YHC thought the Smokehouse PAX that couldn’t make it may want to have some of the experience. Two stations were “randomly” sampled as part of the plan. The BC was hopefully challenging but the real good stuff dropped with the COT chatter. There are people hit with tough news everyday. Some of these people set a real example of how positive, forward thinking should look. Moving into 2020 a good first step would be to quit sweating the petty stuff, or petting the sweaty stuff, whichever is right…probably both and really focus on what kind impact on the world we can create. It won’t be nearly as awesome  if we are constantly focused on the negatives and drag that into our projects, relationships, goals, etc. Happy New Years Smokehouse.

Conditions: easy, no breezy 45.

Disclaimer.                                                                        Prayer

COP: Mosey to Block Pile, circle up, LBAC x15 IC (F/R), TTT x15 IC, Imperial Walker ×15 IC, SSS x15 IC.

Grab two Blocks per Pax, Mosey to field goal line.

The Thang: line up for B.O.M.B.S across the field. With block, run to cone 1, Burpee x1. Cone 2: burpee x2, OH press x2. Cone 3: Burpee x3, OH press x3, merkin x3. Cone 4: Burpee x4, OH x4, Merkin x4, BBS x4. Cone 5: Burpee x5, OH x5, merkin x5, BBS x5, and Squat x5. Rinse and Repeat two more times running to the end of the field each time.

Next up, 11’s.

Curls for the girls, start with 1, and then Kusack to cone about 20 yards out. 10 OH press, Kusack back to start. 2 CFTG, Kusack to cone for 9 OH press and Kisack back. Repeat pattern until you reach 10 CFTG and 1 OH press.

Here is where Block number two makes its debut.

Farmer carry to the cone and back, 10 abyss Merkins on Blocks OYO. Farmer carry to cone and back, 10 Block dips OYO. Farmer carry to cone and back, 10 OH press OYO. Carry blocks back to pile and mosey to flag.

Right on time.

Count O Rama.                                                                  Name O Rama

Prayer Requests: Wilson’s Cousin, prayers for a smooth delivery of her first child. Continued prayers for Christie Dawkins and family.

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