• When: 2019-12-12
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Muggy Tape, Field Goal, Taurasi(R), Rosie, Gypsy, She-Shed, BubbleWrap, BlackLight, WireNuts, Knozits(R)

BeechHouse Goes Fast and Furious in the Gloom

Conditions:  33 Degrees!

The Thang:  YHC’s was very excited to Q the newest AO –  BeechHouse.  Their numbers have been the largest in F3 Lexington… so YHC was inspired to deliver a beat down! Great to see a good crowd of 10 Pax show up in the frozen 33 degree gloom.  The men powered through a tough workout!  Note:  510 Reps with 50 sprints!


COP – quick warm up

SSH  51x IC  (YHC is now 51)

Imperial Walkers  10x IC

LBAC  10x Forward, 10x Backward IC

Windmills  10x IC

Line up in single file:  Reverse Indian Run – First Pax inline high knees backwards down line… then sprints around front of line… then high knees backwards to end of line.  Next Pax repeats until all have participated.  End at entrance to football field.

“Fast & Furious”:  All Pax line up at one end of field.  YHC calls out a specific exercise.  All Pax sprint to middle of field(marked) and perform 10x reps…. and sprint back to start and do another 10 reps… then sprint backwards to middle of field and perform 10x more reps… then sprint backwards to start for another 10x reps.  Plank until YHC calls for Recover.  Rinse & Repeat with many different exercises.

What’s the catch?  If YHC wins a sprint, the reps are double for that set!  (An extra challenge for YHC, but really enjoyed watching the Pax strategize on who’s turn it was to expend extra energy and out sprint YHC).

  1. Merkins 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  2. BBSU 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  3. Squats 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  4. Burpees 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x  (Crowd Pleaser)
  5. LBCs 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  6. Jump Squats 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  7. Carolina Dry Docks 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  8. American Hammers 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x,
  9. Bonnie Blairs 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  10. Hand Release Merkins 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  11. Flutter Kicks 10x, 20x, 10x, 10x  (YHC won the sprint which doubled the reps)
  12. Lunges 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x
  13. Burpees 10x, 10x

Mosey back to shovel flag

Count / Name-a-rama  (10 Pax)


Volunteers needed for Lexington Half this Sat.

Christmas Party December 14th

Prayer Request:

Raft’s M

Taursi’s “Mentee” is have a rough time

Lego’s Mom

Praise – Field Goal’s Father-n-Law(nose bleeds doing better)

Praise – Boy who was injured in football game is doing much better