• When: 2018-01-23
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: Treadmill, Swanson, Deadbolt, Wilbur, Simon Says, Quisenberry, Tattoo, Pick Axe, Tater, Fry Daddy, Wapner, Canseco, Quest

A Rainy Day at Turning Point

12 PAX were planning to come to a Booster Beatdown, but little did they know we had a last minute Q swap and lucky for them they had YHC for morning so it should be much easier. Only issue is YHC likes puddle jumping and there were plenty of puddles to play in.

Conditions: 63, Breezy & Wet with a lot of Puddles

Disclaimer & Prayer

Head to the Upper basket ball court using the longest route possible.

COP on the BB Court
5 Burpees
SSH – 20 IC
4 Burpees
TTT – 20 IC
3 Burpees
Squats – 20 IC
2 Burpees
Arm Circles (10 little, 10 big) both ways
1 Burpees
Head down to steps
3 Way Calves – 20 IC
Head over to Brick Pile

Partner Up
1 Partner Grab a Block
2 Patner Grab 2 Bricks

Mosey up to the parking lot
Partner 1 does Block Squats
Partner 2 has Bricks while Performing
        1st Cone – 30 Side Arm Raises
        2nd Cone – 30 Front Arm Raises
        3rd cone – 30  Shoulder press
Run back to start and Swap
Partner 1 Clean and Jerk until Partner 2 returns
Partner 2, suisuides to the cones
Partner 1 Shoulder Shrugs
Partner 2
        1st Cone – 5 Burpees
        2nd Cone – 5 Burpees
        3rd Cone – 5 Burpees

Return Bricks and blocks

Prayer Requests
Closer & his M having a baby
A friend of Treadmill committed suicide earlier this year. Has 3 young boys
Injured pax

GrowRuck this coming weekend starting at Dreher HS
Dam to Dam relay on February 24
Four year convergence at River Bluff on March 3
P200 relay on March 23-24

Great follow up for Treadmills prayer request about his friend. We hear all the time that this is more than just a workout. You never know what each of us are going through and who is at rock bottom such as treadmills friend. Some of the AO’s get too big so find a small group of guys you can connect with on Twitter DM or group text. Use this group to vent, encourage, pray with and for and just be yourself. Be vulnerable and your heart will change. I know personally this has helped me in my life and my walk with God. We talk about REAL things and also give and receive REAL feedback, and sometimes things you don’t want to hear. This group I’m in has gotten me back on path with my spiritual life and into daily devotionals. This is what makes F3 such a special group.