• When: 2017-08-30
  • QIC: Joust
  • The PAX: Head and Shoulders, Hopper (Respect), Runs (Respect), Soccer Mom, Hot 4 Teacher, Voltron, House (Respect), Fry Daddy, Quisenberry, Tread Mill, The Big Peter, Tater, Simon Says, Tipper, Boo (Respect), Weekend Special, Nature Boy, Netflix, Foggy Bottom, Merit Badge, Yahoo, Whisper, Fast Casual, Pearl

Way better than 3

25 PAX avoided the Fart Sack to get better this morning. My last few Qs have averaged about four PAX, so it was awesome to see this many men out for a run. We had a little Mumble Chatter from two PAX in particular about the route, but hills are in order for BRR. Always remember no matter the route we choose at Crusade, it’s always up hill to the Shovel Flag.

Conditions:  Awesome, 75F, a bit moist

The Thang: Turn left from Shovel Flag

Left on Whiteford Way

Straight to Sunset

Return to Shovel Flag

4-5 miles depending on the route you chose

Announcements: BRR is nearly here continue to train but be smart, 9/15 tunnel to Tower 5k, 9/16- Smokehouse AO fundraiser, 11/11 John Flannagan 10 k, 12/15 F3- FIA Christmas Party at Saluda Shoals, August 2018 Stomp the Swamp 5k

Prayers: Texas and Louisiana, Flanagan Four, Granola’s ankle