• When: 2018-12-15
  • QIC: Dear Diary & Granola
  • The PAX: Globogym, Voltron, Granola & Dear Diary

(4) Pax slip-n-slide for a DD & some crunchy Granola on a rainy Saturday morning!

(4) Pax do some dumb stuff under the front porch at Turning Point on a wet Saturday morning. Thank Goodness Granola was there when my legs started to give out at the 6:30 mark.

Weather: WET!

Disclaimer / BOM / Prayer

COP: huddle together in a loose diamond / rectangle (there was some debate regarding the exact shape)

  1. SSH x 15 ic
  2. TTT x 15 ic
  3. LBAC x 15 ic

Mosey to the far right and of the covered sidewalk.

Peoples Chair for a Modified Indian Bear Crawl to the middle of the covered sidewalk and back until all Pax are done (legs are on fire!!).

Mosey to the Front Doors. Partner up. 1st partner runs down, left, back to the right and back to the front doors. Other partner does exercises. Each partner gets 2 turns at exercises (amrap).

1. Merkins


3. Squats

Granola takes over the Q for an ailing Dear Diary who is going to limp to the finish line (literally).

Anybody ever heard of a Jolly Ho, Ho, Ho? Neither had we. Start on your belly with a hand release Merkin, recover to a jump with an overhead clap (repeat 2 times for the Ho, Ho, Ho). We did (3) sets.

We did some more stuff that I can’t remember but we got better.

We finished with a clockwise run around the front lot with (4) stops worked in for some exercises.

Mosey back under the left side where we started for some Mary.


  1. American Hammer x 15 ic
  2. Flutter Kicks x 15 ic
  3. Box Cutters or something similar x 15 ic
  4. Boat/Canoe x on G’s call


Gather for COT



Announcements: Christmas Party (was last night, wish I had seen more TP Pax there), Nativity Ruck on Christmas Eve

Prayers: Corbett Anderson & Fry Daddy, Blake (Granola’s Nephew), Jay’s Cancer Diagnosis (Voltron’s Citadel Brother) and Praise for the Miracles God has worked in healing my cancer.