• When: 2019-09-10
  • QIC: Tattoo
  • The PAX: Pickaxe, Canseco, Lamont, Booster, DoubleFault, Arrears, Tater, Control Alt Delete, Swanson, Wapner, Pocahontas, FryDaddy, & Tattoo

4 Cone Stations for blocks, merkins, squats, and burpees.

Weather: 75 and humid


Circle Up, Disclaimer, BOM & Prayer


Mosey the long way around to the Teachers Lot

SSH x 10ic

LBACs forward x 10ic

Raise the roof x 10ic

LBAC reverse x 10ic

Windmill x 10ic

Merkins x 10oyo

Mosey to the block pile grab a block and head to the soccer field, where four cones are set up from sideline to sideline about 60 feet apart.  We begin this round of exercises with blocks by starting at the first cone and sprinting to the second, third, and forth cone doing reps at each cone.  Plank for the six and then sprint back in the opposite direction reversing the order of the cones.

1st Round

Start from the first cone each time.

2nd cone block rows x 10

3rd cone block swings X 10

4th cone curls for the girls x 10

3rd cone shoulder presses x 10

2nd cone triceps extensions x 10

1st cone dips x 10

2nd Round

2nd cone block merkins x10 left hand on ground right hand on block

3rd cone block merkins x10 both hands on block

4th cone block merkins x10 left hand on block right hand on ground

3rd cone block merkins with left leg off the ground

2nd cone block merkins with right leg off the ground

1st cone block decline merkins with both feet on the block.

3rd Round

2nd cone block squats x10 with block on left shoulder.

3rd cone block squats x10 with block extended overhead.

4th cone block squats x10 with block on right shoulder.

It was at this point Wapner had to leave, either something he ate or the excercises or a combination was causing him a problem, Fry Daddy said “I’ve never seen Wapner move that fast.”

3rd cone goblet squats x10

2nd cone block squats x10

1st cone block squat and press x10

4th round

2nd cone 5 block burpees

3rd cone 3 block burpees

4th cone 2 block burpees

3rd cone 5 block burpees

2nd cone 4 block burpees

1st cone 3 block burpees

At this point we drop the blocks and finish out the time by running 11’s doing squats and merkins at the cone stations. Once complete we return the blocks to the block pile and mosey to the shovel flag.

Announcements:    TP is moving the Iron Pax workout this week from Thursday to Saturday.


Corbit Anderson

Swanson’s Family