• When: 01/09/15
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Wheezie, Bulldog, TNT, Voltron, House, Spackle, Treadmill, Harbaugh, Dunphy, Knowzit, Itchy, Utah, Netflix, Weekend Special, Catheter, Fracture, Hopper, Quisenberry, Lego, Meatball, Quest, Clipboard, Nightmare, Forest, Tumbler, No Help

26 pax stare down the Reaper, the Reaper blinked first

26 pax woke up and cleared the crusty stuff from their eyes to find the Reaper staring them down again.  Some staring down the Reaper for the first time, while others have done battle with the beast many times before.  So the staring contest began to see who would blink first…


Weather: 32°

The Thang:

Start at the bottom of hill, run up to top, 21 Merkins, run to bottom of hill, 21 LBC’s.  Rinse and repeat for 45 minutes adding one rep each round up and down.  Each week we will score the Pax on rounds completed and weight carried. Our first place finisher will have the distinct honor of being our #TheUndertaker for the week.  Points system is as follows: 20 points per round completed (half round when completing Merkins at the top of the hill).  1 point for every 2 pounds carried.

All pax results are posted here


1st Place (#TheUndertaker): Fracture (375)

2nd Place: No Help (315.25)

Most Weight: No Help (57lbs)

Most Reps: Forest, Nightmare, Spackle, and Voltron (11 reps each)


Excellent work today, glad to see more and more new faces taking on the Reaper. YHC’s mind and body both said no this morning, but for some reason he crawled out of the fartsack, sucked it up, and had some good 2nd F with Clipboard.  Continue to push yourself to #getbetter and #bebetter, you can’t see progress if you don’t go out and try.


Also to note, the pax won the staring contest…


GoRun Feb 7 at White Knoll

Make My Day 5k/12k at Harbison State Forest Feb 14, discount code in pre-blast (expires Jan 16th)

GORUCK Custom Light F3/FiA May 1st

Distance rucking at the LM Dam on Sundays 0530 and RBHS on Mondays 0515

Lake Murray/Lexington hosting N. Augusta this weekend – Chinstrap and Malfunction Qing

Lexington leading Summerville next weekend

Prayer Requests

Audra Ebo (age 10), advanced Neuroblastoma spread to lungs and bones, started first round of treatment yesterday

Tony Eshak – suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on arms and face, has surgery today

Say What’s sister diagnosed with Cancer

Sebastian diagnosed with Leukemia Dec 24th, 3rd grader at Meadow Glen (in Catheters daughters class)

Walker took unassisted steps the other day, continue pray for him and Nail Pops family (If you need some inspiration/motivation/faith renewal see the video, be prepared for something to get in your eye)

Sunday run at the LM dam from 3-4, prayer for Madelyn (see Neckbrace for details)



Devo led by Quisenberry, the #wisebeardedman


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