• When: 2019-01-10
  • QIC: Katniss
  • The PAX: Brainiac,Pups(R),Deadstick(R), Ebert, Emmy ,TriDelta/DDD, Chinstrap, Finch, Steamer, Kukoc, Harp, Tonka, Sauerkraut, AWOL, Bunkbed, Katniss(Q).

2 Years Day

The above left photo says it all. One of my sons took this before I started F3. Our youngest son showed this picture to F3 Emmy at work one day. I was unaware of this picture until Emmy spoke about it  during  an earlier Q this month. When I finally saw it I looked at myself and questioned why I had let myself get to that point. The look on my face says it all – slumped down in the chair,  not smiling,and probably just finished eating a ton of food. No Zeal or zest for life just plodding along every day in the same routine. A true sad clown.

Jan 10th F3 birthday 2nd anniversary . My 2 years to the actual date. Thanks to the men of F3 for motivating me and believing in me. I DID NOT have faith that I could run ,run P200, run Dam 2 Dam, run BRR, complete Goruck events, run farther and faster. BUT, the way you men showed  belief in me motivated me to believe  in myself.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Snake pit and the stand converged to celebrate.

Even though I am now  a member of F3TheStand I love the men of snake pit ,where I started, and I know they would bring it this morning and they did. Here’s what went down.

The Snake Pit 2 years or 24 months (cycles/reps)

Conditions. 32 degrees


FNGs? None.

prayer, COT

Ssh 24 ic
Lbac 12/12 ic forward/  reverse
Imp Walker 24 ic
Michael Phelps 12/TTT fully erect 12 ic


Track Burpee Indian run (2 burpees then catch up) . Slow mosey…….2 pax perform  2 burpees then run to front. Last 3 pax finish it off.


Field work 24 reps each end then 100 yrd sprints there and back makes 1 cycle. 2 cycles and 4 different sets of exercises….

Goal to goal exercises 4 ct IC except BBSUs and iron crosses

BBSUs ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪iron crosses

Plank for, or bring in the 6

Then sideline “karaoke” 2 cycles (sideline and back is 1 cycle) 24 reps each end for 4 total sets of 4ct IC


Plank for, or bring in the 6.

The hill bear crawl to top then 24 walking lunges at top crab walk down. 24 walking reverse lunges at bottom. Cycle through 2x.
Plank or bring in the 6.

Run to top of Big Boy Stairs. The big boy stairs are starting to remind me of an ancient ruin  in some far-off land due to all the sand  that is piling up on them .

Not enough time to cycle through the big boy stairs two times so the pax missed out on block thrusters and block swings at the bottom and burpees and plank at the top. Only enough time for a circle up at the flag to finish us off.

A few minutes left circle up for SIZZLE.

All pax run in place and 1st pax yells “SIZZLE” all do a burpee then on to next pax. Pax can say SIZZLE anytime so burpees  can move fast or there could be some longer running in place between them. Complete full round of SIZZLE.

Count o rama and Name o rama


Dam2Dam February 16th


P200 March

MGC long run feb 2nd


Ultimate Frisbee at snake pit Saturday for any interested pax.

Some Pax will be doing a trail run at Peachtree rock Saturday morning 7 a.m. contact Ebert for further details.

2nd F next Tuesday San Jose 7pm see Chinstrap for details


The wells family

Steamer possible move to Wyoming

Judah young boy , transplant surgery, cancer

Tinkles son Noah

Coworker of Ebert cancer treatment.

Katniss brother in law



Brothers do not sell yourself short as a motivator. Whether you believe it or not you have a great impact on those around you.

Do not think you are not good enough to lead . That is the Accuser telling you you can’t. He is the master of deception and lies.

Instead allow The Convictor to shape you. He will never lead you astray .Conviction will always show you the right way to go.

Conviction shows you a way out of your sinfulness. The Accuser will not let go of you until you let Jesus take hold of you. Only God can pull you from Satan’s grasp. He is the ultimate leader. Follow Him.

Your brother,