• When: 01/24/15
  • QIC: Shake N' Bake
  • The PAX: Blindside, Knowzit, Noah, Nikita, Itchy, Quisenberry, Freon, Blackout, Hanging Chad, Shake N' Bake, Mayhem, No Show, No Help

13 pax get a history lesson on NASCAR and peanut farms, and a closing testimony at Crypt

(Written by Shake N’ Bake)

It was a chilly wet morning but 13 pax rolled out the fartsack to see what Shake N’ Bake had in store for his VQ. Being his first time in the Q, he was a little nervous about what to plan, but wanted to make sure everybody had fun. In honor of his previous racing days, as well as his Uncle Cale Yarborough’s legendary racing days, he broke out the Hardees Hat for his fellow pax enjoyment. From victory lane in the 1984 Daytona 500 to a F3 workout at #Crypt, the Hardees Hat has now seen it all. …It was now time for a great F3 workout and some NASCAR history.

Weather: mid 40’s and wet, but no rain!

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

Yellow flag warm up laps:
11 slow windmills (Cale’s old number)
28 SSH (Cale’s old number)
22 Thru The Tunnel (Shake N’ Bake’s old number)
28 Gorilla Squats

Green Flag Racing:
One lap around Daytona
One lap through the road course at Watkins Glen (with Sprints)

5 Laps around Charlotte Motor Speedway
Pax ran a lap around part of the parking lot with a pit stop on each lap.
1st pit stop consisted of 10 Burpees, 10 Imperials Squats and 10 Merkins
2nd lap had a pit stop of 8 Burpees, 8 Imperial Squats and 8 Merkins
3rd lap… 6 of the same
4th lap… 4 of the same
5th lap… 2 of the same

Mosey over to the heli pad for some laps around Bristol, your smallest NASCAR track.
2 circles of pax in plank position
One man at a time, rotating counter-clockwise (like on a race track) while the other men planked.
Round 1: Plank Jacks x5
Round 2: Plank Jacks x10
Round 3: Plank Jacks x15
Round 4: Plank Jacks x20

In honor of Cale Yarborough going over the wall and out of the track at Darlington in the 1965 Southern 500, the pax headed to the wall for some tough wall sits.
During the wall sits the pax were enlightened with more NASCAR history about Darlington Motor Speedway.

The pax then headed back to form the small Bristol track circles.
Again, in rotation, one man at a time while the others plank.
Round 1: Merkins x5
Round 2: Merkins x10
Round 3: Merkins x15
Round 4: Merkins x20
During the rotations the pax learned more NASCAR history from Shake N’ Bake.

Mosey down to the dips station to find a nice set of sticker tires
in 2 groups the pax traded dips and deep squat toe touches on the tires

With time running out, the pax formed 2 lines and headed back to the heli pad. Several of the pax felt the need to swerve back and forth to clean the tires as we were about to go green with one last exercise.

Back at the heli pad the pax stayed in their 2 lines to form the dreaded caterpillar push ups.
Once in formation we cranked out 11 (Cale’s most famous number) grueling caterpillar pushups which had all the pax glad we had reached the checkered flag.

There was a whole lot of chatter and laughter as everyone enjoyed a NASCAR beatdown.

The morning ended with Shake N’ Bake talking about what F3 means to him and what it means to be part of our great brotherhood.

Any F3 pax member is immediately a brother to Shake N’ Bake, spoke of the brotherhood and the willingness to help any F3 member.  Spoke about the Christian values, the dedication, having God at the center of their hearts, and much more and how that was such a contrast to what you would see at any gym`where it’s all about the individual.  The things you see, and the growth that you see with F3 exceeds anything that 99% of the gyms out there could do.  It’s not about you, it’s about the brother to your left and to your right and helping them grow and walk down the path that Jesus wants us to go down to be more like him.

Amazing devo from Shake N’ Bake, speaking from the heart and speaking what I would assume each and every other F3 pax feels in their heart.  F3 matters and F3 makes a difference that shows not just in you, but in those around you.  This devo is what F3 is all about, freeing men to lead while at the same time bowing down and giving their heart to the one true God, our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.


GoRun 5k Feb 7 at White Knoll along with Convergence before

Make My Day 5k/12k at Harbison State Forest Feb 14

Lexington Race Against Hunger – Feb 28 5k/10k/1 mile fun run

Convergence at Graveyard Mar 7 – One year anniversary

MudRun coming up in April – Quisenberry QIC for F3 Nation and No Show QIC for Lexington Region

GORUCK Custom Light F3/FiA May 1st pre-blast here (Lights are easy!!!)

Distance rucking at the LM Dam on Sundays 0530 and RBHS on Mondays 0515

Prayer Requests

Audra Ebo (age 10), advanced Neuroblastoma spread to lungs and bones, currently going through Chemo

Say What’s sister had surgery, pray for her and her family

Sebastian diagnosed with Leukemia Dec 24th, 3rd grader at Meadow Glen there is a funding page

Continued prayer for Walker

Knowzits Father-in-law brain cancer (80 years old) and his father having health issues as well

Injured F3 brothers

Pray for Breakfast Clubs family, all sick at this time and he just took the oath to serve our country


Closing prayer by Quest


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