• When: 1-22-19
  • QIC: Postal
  • The PAX: Voltron, short haul, notebook, floppy disc, no help, Veto, (FNG) 7-11, recall, Utah, Wingbat, rockdrop, Forrest, quest,

1-22-19 Arena Backblast

YHC made his first trip over to the Arena to see captain  voltron and reminisce about B.R.R, glad to stay there we no water bottles damaged at this boot camp!

I took Kelly on the road and and introduced the concept to the PAX,  surely as the rain falls, a few attendees made the most of a new opportunity for suggestive mimblechatter. 15 men plus  wooden log named Kelly… well at least it wasn’t awkward silence for this q! Here’s how it went down.

condtions: frigid. 23 degrees and incredibly cold.

Disclaimer and prayer

The thang:

Mosey with Kelly to back yard ( Not to be called backside of school) The arena PAX feel strongly about this verbiage.

warmups: 20 SSH IC (pass Kelly each exercise)   -10 burpees OYO ( YHC was notified at this point that Arena prefers to be a mimblechatter AO and a burpee free zone) duly noted!

15 LBAC’s forward/reverse 

-10 Merkins IC into 10 Myn. Climber 15 TTT IC 

Mosey to basket ball court

10 burpees ( pass kelly each turn) 

Round 1 

Bear crawl to cone 1 tenMerkins craw bear back 

New Moce Gorilla crawl to cone 1 ten Merkins crawl bear back 

New move Switch backs to cone one ten merkins crawl bear back 

10 burpees for Kicks and giggles 

Round 2 

lunge to cone 2 ten squat jumps backwards run back 

Broad jump to cone 2 ten squat jumps backwards run back 

Burpees broad jump 2 ten squat jumps backwards run back 

10 burpees (pass Kelly each turn) 

Round 3

Imperial walker to cone 3 10 iron crosses side shuffle back 

Walking crunch to cone 3 10 iron crosses, side shuffle back 

Walking toe touches to cone 3 10 iron crosses side shuffle back 

I took a minute here to take in the mumblechatter and enjoy the moment, decided to combine what we learned and run it all at once!

Bear crawl to cone 1 gorilla crawl to cone 2 switch backs to cone 3 ten merkins crawl bear for as long as you can back ten

Lunge to cone 1 broad jump to cone 2 burpee broad jump to cone 3 ten iron crosses backwards run back 

Imperial walker to cone 1 walking crunch to cone 2 walking tow touches to cone 3 10 iron crosses, side shuffle back 

Done forget to pass Kelly every turn 

Mosey to benches 

Squat jump x 30 this is always a tough ending

mosey back around front. Refresher 20 merkins, 20 iron crosses, 20 squat jumps, and 20 burpees. Again duly noted of the burpee free zone.

Sprints x 5 to finish


FNG Darren Hileman YHC’s youth pastor from back in the day. Ohio fan- wolverine, An adamant no! Sparty, another no! Thus Veto was born! Welcome Veto!

Prayer: Wells family, unspoken,

Kelly Devo 

Many of us have seen a guy who used to come to F3 or was pretty active in church or baseball or community.

Over time he lost interest or got tired or got Burnt out, he quit coming, he quit serving and he began to play the background and eventually wasn’t around.

Kelly represent that man who we all know who had lost his way or lost his zeal for what he used to believe was important.

Galatians 6:1-2

“Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:1-2 

There are times when you tote the load for someone who can’t, there are all days when we need someone in our corner.

When the burden is just too much it means the world to have a bro come and help carry the burden

No man alone can tote the weight of Kelly for the entire bootcamp, we have to help each other and bear the load. 

When Kelly can’t walk you tote em,

When I can’t walk, help me, when you can’t bear it, reach for bro that tote the weight.

Jesus taught us this when toted our weight and said cast your cares on me for I care for you. 

We can be a modern day Jesus by remembering the Kelly’s in our life and bearing one another’s burdens