• When: 2018-06-14
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Bud. Weis. Firedaddy. Money Penny. Toothpick. Flipper. Stitch. Splinter

X’s and O’s at the Roost

Conditions: 74 degrees.  balmy.  beautiful sunrise over Chapin Track.  Grass was especially damp today…much discussion was made over this fact.

YHC sent a text to Roost pax stating that a good workout was planned so get your beauty sleep before the smokefest.  When YHC arrived there was quite a bit of mumble chatter around the perceived fact among Pax that Splinter Q’s have no weinke but are made up on the fly.  Truth be told.  YHC likes to have a framework but allow flexibility for modification as the workout grows.  I am not a professional, but this is what a professional would do.  Thus this morning 8 pax entered in the framework of X’s and O’s

The Thang.

O’s – ran a lap around the Track

COP – little light stretching Through the Tunnel x 10 IC and Little Arm circles x 10 IC


Carried the Shovel flag to the middle of the track.  Run to a corner of the field and perform exercise.  run back to the flag and do 5 burpees.  Then off to next corner, etc, etc.  (similar to starfish)

Round 1 – Chest and Tri’s

corner 1 – 5 plyo merkins

corner 2 – 10 wide arm merkins

corner 3 – 10 Carolina Dry Docks

Corner 4 – 10 hand release merkins

Round 2 – Core.  YHC gave burpee discount 60% off only 2 burpees at the flag (again flexibility for modification)

Corner 1 – 10 iron crosses

Corner 2 – 15 flutter kicks

Corner 3 – 20 Big Boys

Corner 4 – 30 Freedom twists

Round 3 – Legs and core and continued burpee discount of only 2 burpees at flag

Corner 1 – 10 lunges each leg

Corner 2 – 20 jump squats

Corner 3 – 30 monkey humpers

Corner 4 – 40 Big boys

We did each round twice for a total of 72 burpees. 120 big boys, 40 jump squats, 20 lunges, 60 monkey humpers, 60 freedom twists, 30 flutters, and 70 more merkins.

Grab flag and head to track for TWO more O’s.

First O.  Circle up in plank position.  10 merkins in cadence followed by merkin wave for 2 minutes followed by 10 count hold 6 inches.

Second O. Run lap around the track to finish

YHC’s commentary:

  1.  Great workout today by all Pax.  It was a smokefest and everyone was killing it. 1.97 miles plus all the burpees and other terrible crap.  great workout.
  2. Bud wanted to show off his physical fitness to Weis.  I never saw Weis ahead of Bud during the workout.  Great job Bud.  Way to show 2.0’s who wears the pants.
  3. also thought humorous that Bud just finished the Lords of Discipline to understand better what Weis will endure during Nob year.  Toothpick pointed out that it is not 1960 anymore…things have changed a bit.
  4. somebody needs to mow the lawn on the interior track.  it’s almost a jungle out there.  can we bring a bush hawg?  Several comments about how wet and deep it was out there…hmmm let that one sit for a bit.
  5. not sure if the 400m at the end were a good idea or not.  YHC needed to kill 2 min and thought that was perfect.  However, when money penny jumped out at a clip YHC wanted to drift and pass at the end.  The end became a 100m all out sprint by money penny and YHC.  YHC nearly spilled merlot after.  thankfully only money penny heard the drive heave.
  6. when I see Stitch at 63 years young doing this stuff, I am literally amazed.  I hope I can even walk at 63.  I mean seriously that is incredibly impressive to me.  He is more fit than many 30 year olds that I know.


  1.  Hewitt 5k June 30th  – https://www.strictlyrunning.com/images/18Hewitt.pdf.   good one to have a large number of F3 represent.
  2. Ryan Rawl workout at the State house – https://www.strictlyrunning.com/gpuilreg-8l.asp?uRaceId=2603  the link says online registration is closed?  I think you can contact Toe Tag and still register.
  3. Top Gun on Friday mornings.  come run and get faster 5:15 Chapin Track.
  4.  Upcoming races link https://www.strictlyrunning.com/srrptCalender.asp