• When: 10/21/14
  • QIC: Wiggles
  • The PAX: Permit, Shake n Bake, Floppy Disk, Peter, Fast Casual, Peggy, Leak, Hopper, Spackle, Nailpop, Brokestrong, The Crapper, Shades of Gray, Taurasi, Netflix, Giggles, Beowulf, Ranger, Good Hands, Itchy, Potluck, Rash, Hanging Chad, Bogey, Closer, Softtail, No Show, Weekend Special, Tumbler, Digger, Clipboard, No Help, Forest, Microchip, Nanochip, Cream Cheese, Bulldog, Goose -renamed to Rayban, Wiggles

Wiggles 40th Birthday Bash

Big numbers jumped out of the Fartsack this morning to come to the Wiggles Birthday Party. We even had creatures like Beowulf and Leak show up for the party along with our Wiggles brother from another mother Giggles. 40 years old is no joke b/c that’s when your bones start to ache and your belly done lapped over your belt. It starts to hurt just to get out of bed. 40 is about the age that the AARP starts to send you fliers and discount cards isn’t it? 40 is about the age that you were built for comfort and not speed. It’s that time in life when all of your conversations with your friends seem to be about what body part is hurting. It’s that time when you decide to put a rubber mat in the tub “Just in Case” you start to slip and fall. Somehow our own Wiggles, despite his age, was able to deliver a beatdown today that is for sure to be memorable – (Especially for those of you over 40).

Conditions 50 Degrees and Wiggly

The Thang


Circle up in Parking Lot.
15- Side straddle hops
15- Through the tunnel
15- Imperial walkers
15- Big arm circles 15- Reverse

1. Mosey to Graveyard Hill
(Count off into 2’s)
2. 40 Merkins OYO
3. Sprint to 3rd light pole
4. 20 iron cross each partner, feet downhill
5. Back pedal to top stop sign.
6. 40 crunches
7. Partner #1 side stratal hops –
Partner #2 Run to sign & back
8. 40 Merkins everyone
9. Sprint to lighted sign
10. 40 Deep squats
11. Sprint to stop sign
12. 20 iron cross each partner
13. Sprint to bottom of the hill
14. Partner #1 Crunches
Partner #2 Run up the hill & back
15. Sprint to the top of the hill.
16. Prisoner lung to paved road
17. Mosey down hill
18. Indian run to breezeway
19. 40 Imperial walkers at breezeway
20. Mosey to parking lot.
21. 20 Merkins
22. 20 Carolina Dry Docks
23. Mosey to entrance…..COT

Ruck Training
P200 HC’s
Turning Point moving to 5am
Q’s needed at other AO’s – SIGNUP

Exodus 14:13-15

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