• When: 09/18/14
  • QIC: Broke Strong
  • The PAX: 31 Graveyard Veterans, no FNG's

Voice Recorder Operator Error @ the Graveyard

It was a perfect 66 degrees as the PAX started out this A.M. with a mission to complete the monthly PT test of merkins and sit-ups, then hit it hard.

A mild discussion about adding a 1 mile or 2 mile run to the mix was tabled for future consideration.

Welcome, disclaimer, prayer. count off 1’s & 2’s.

The Thang: 15 SSH/IC, 20 IW/IC, 15 TTT/IC, 20 BAC’s forwards, 20 BAC’s in reverse.

The PT test- several of our studs broke 100/80 respectively.

Now the fun part: 1’s two laps around far stadium light pole
2’s 10 Burpees/10 Squats/10 Merkins/10 LBC’s-sprint to next light post, 9/9/9/9/sprint to next light post 8/8/8/8 sprint 7/7/7/7 sprint 6/6/6/6 run to far light post, 5/5/5/5/ work your way back 4/4/4/4/, 3/3/3/3, 2/2/2/2, 1/1/1/1. 1’s followed behind.

An unusual amount of huffing & puffing inter-mixed with loud yelps and gruff grunts gave the “Q” some satisfaction that hydration would be a theme for the rest of the day.

8 minutes of merry Mary’s, accompanied by a cacophony of “back farts” during a flurry of LCB’s and Iron Crosses brought the PAX to tears of laughter, and completion.

The circle coughed up each one’s PT tally, announcements and a few prayer requests, No Helps wife, Digger’s friend. We asked The Lord to make us Bold in his service today and headed out.

Unfortunately, between the toss of Broke Strong’s phone onto the seat and his arrival at his daily AO, the voice recording of all the above, most importantly the PT tally’s, have been lost to history. Sorry fellas, looks like we will have to do it all again next week.

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