• When: 2021-08-31
  • QIC: Fool's Gold/Soccer Mom
  • The PAX: The August Challengers

#UTP2.0 Level Unlocked

Well, that was uncomfortable…

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We are a third of the way through the August Challenge and already 2 of our #PointsPonies (Dracula and Arrears) have pranced their way into victory by earning 15 points and completing the required portions of the Tier 1 level of the challenge.


By the time of your reading this, YHC suspects others will have joined their ranks as well and perhaps you are closing in.

Now that we collectively have a little momentum, it’s time to tighten our belts (for those tracking our weights), flex our muscles, and take it to the next level.

Thanks to Dracula and Arrears, the #UTP2.0 portion of the challenge has been unlocked and there are points galore to be earned!

To earn #UTP level, you must earn a minimum of 25 points during August and complete the required components described below:

Required component #1 – Iron PAX Challenge – 1 point

*Easy peasy, – sign up for the Iron PAX challenge – 1 point

Link is here for your convenience:


The Fine Print – *Note that by signing up for this and claiming your point you are committing to participate in the Iron PAX challenge. By participate it means you will do the workouts, piss and moan about how dumb they are with the rest of us, and submit your points to the IPC committee weekly.

Required component #2 – Leader of Men Challenge – 3 points

“Leader of Men” is not only the best Nickelback song ever, it is what you are if you are a member of F3. In fact, it is the mission of F3 to “reinvigorate Male Community Leadership”.

Let me be blunt here. If you have not Q’ed in 2021 and you’ve been a member of F3 all year, then you are letting your F3 brothers down. You are missing out on an opportunity to help us, and yourself, get better. It is not an obligation to Q, but it is a privilege to do so. Take advantage of it.

Since I’m unlikely to guilt anyone into this, let’s throw some points on the table. You can earn 3 points from one and only one of the options below:

Option 1: You’ve already Q’ed or are slated to Q at least once from January 1 to August 31st, 2021 – Awesome! #TYFYS! Now all you have to do is post a copy of your backblast in the August Challenge twitter thread (or DM it to YHC) and you’ve earned 3 points!

Haven’t Q’ed yet or didn’t do a backblast with your Q’s, move on to Option 2.

Option 2: *Easy peasy – Between September 1 and December 31st, sign up to Q somewhere in F3 Lake Murray and you’ve earned 3 points.

Link to Q sheet:


Note these 3 points can be earned only once.

The Fine Print – *Note that by signing up for this and claiming your points you are committing to leading a Q in F3 Lake Murray. This includes leading a Q and providing a backblast with date, who was there, what you did.

Required component #3 – Snow Bird Winter is Coming Challenge – 3 points

Winter is coming and with it the annual migration of blue hairs from the great white north to the subtropical south. Also the same time of year many (most) of our PAX migrate from the #gloom to the cozy confines of the #fartsack. This winter will be different, you are tougher, meaner, and more hopped up on Mountain Dew, so it’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and post this winter.

*Easy Peasy – all you have to do to earn your 3 points is HC to post at least one time at a Depot Boot Camp in December 2021, January 2022, and February 2022. One HC for 3 posts for three points, simple as that.

The Fine Print – *As above, don’t HC unless you are willing to earn those points come winter time. Choices have consequences…

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Required component #4 – Sweet Home Depot Challenge – 1 point

The final required component to completing the #UTP2.0 portion of this challenge is that you must post at Depot on 8/31/21, for either the 0500 run/ruck group, 0530 Boot Camp, or 0615 special Legacy/Coffeeteria #DoubleDown following boot camp. Heck, why not complete all 4 for the #QuadrupleDown???  #PointsPonies

The run group is a special 5k “fun run” edition of the now infamous “Ray’s Run” where we’ll do a Tour de Depot before making a lap around Ray’s and back home. The ruck will be of a similar duration, but less overall distance. These start at 0500 sharp, so don’t be late! Bring your headlamp and safety gear as well!

The Boot Camp is the finale of the challenge and the ultimate showdown between our challenge leaders. Our fearless Q has an epic beatdown planned and some #UTP2.0-worthy prizes that will knock your socks off.

We’ll conclude with a special edition Legacy/coffeeteria, so bring a chair and a beverage of choice to celebrate the completion of the August Challenge.

Mark your calendars for this one time event. 

Optional component – September Weight Challenge Sign Up – 1 point

With a few notable exceptions (Joanna’s tape worm), we’ve seen some PAX already benefiting from the weight loss portion of the August Challenge. The openness with which folks have done these weigh ins is awesome and YHC is excited to see where folks land at the end of the month.

To be blunt again here, if we stop eating healthier, exercising more, etc. on 8/31, what have we really accomplished?

To that end, let’s keep the good times rolling by continuing the weight loss portion of the challenge into September.

This challenge is optional, but *easy peasy – All you have to do to earn this extra point is HC for it in the August Challenge chat.

The Fine Print – *Note that by signing up for this and claiming your point you are committing to continuing to track your weight and share it with the collective in September 2021

Let’s get to work! #DriveFor25





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