• When: 11/21/2014
  • QIC: StageCoach
  • The PAX: Roommate, Slate, Coppertone, Overruled, Swampy, JD, Myrtle, Bumblebee, Stagecoach, Futon

Those guys did WHAT???

10 pax journeyed out to the sacred ground of Depot this morning. While not the mothership of BIRCH AOs, our humble site has launched the likes of SpeedTrap and Foxhole…and yet we still get 20 brothers most mornings posting in the gloom of the “no frills public park”

First, T-claps to our Depot Pax – and ALL F3 pax – who were finishing up their last hour of GORUCK as we posted this morning!

I figured, if our brothers are out there for 12 hours with rucks full-of-suck on their back, carrying coupons for God-knows-how-far, and traveling almost the distance of a marathon – over hills, creeks, and rocky terrain…..we needed to step our game up, avoid the “cutesy stuff” and just work out like men.

If you want to see what all our brothers did from 7pm to 7 am last night with GORUCK, go to twitter and seach #F3SCGRC or follow @F3SouthCarolina.

If you want to see our humble salute to them this morning, read on…

YHC tweeted a promise last night. There would be no hills, no pullups, no blocks, no bricks, no arkloader, no suicides, and no burpeess today. Unlike most politicians, YHC kept to his word.

CONDITIONS: Not near as sucky as our brothers were experiencing after 11 hours of GORUCK




10 IW IC
Mosey to upper soccer field

Often imitated, never duplicated….Depot gets a taste of #The300Workout

Circuits at each corner of soccer field. After each circuit, run to the next corner….don’t stop unless you drop. Like a heavyweight title fight, it’s 15 rounds of all you got!

5 Merkins IC
10 Squats IC
5 Merkins IC
10 Flutter Kicks IC

That’s only 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, and 20 Flutterkicks? That ain’t nothing!

Rinse and Repeat x 15 #crowdpleaser

YHC thought that would be enough work for one hour; but with the pax in #BeastMode it was time for Ol’ Stagey to improvise

Mosey to the Rock Pile

Grab a Rock
Move 2 spots to the right, fake out, Move 2 spots back to left to original rock
10 Curls
Move 3 spots to the left, fake out, move 1 spot back to the right
12 Curls
Move 4 spots to the left
12 Curls
Move 2 spots to the left
12 Curls
Move 2 spots to the left
12 Curls

Still some time left…since we’ve only done 300 merkins this morning, time for some more

Ring of Fire
Circle up
First guy does 5 merkins while other pax hold plank in circle, then next guy does 5 merkins until ring complete
Then 10 merkins a man
Then 15 merkins a man

(Note: total merkins per man this morning 330)

STILL time left on the clock. Since YHC strongly-dislikes running, why not RUN? A quick jog up to the street and back should finish us off nicely.

Mary Our hour was already up (or close enough)



We stayed together as a team this morning. No one was left behind. First 8 Circuits were IC, the remaining 7 were OYO with no man left behind. If someone needed help with their reps, one of the other pax did extra. It was the least we could do after being warm inside last night tucking in our 2.0s, sleeping next to our Ms, and getting a good night’s rest….while 100 men of F3Nation were out on the largest GORUCK in South Carolina – ever! Again – TClaps, men.

NOTE: After announcements and COP, DEVO, it was nice to see Queenie driving over to Depot from Foxhole with the American Flag flying high! #Merica


* First Annual Runvergence: For those pax in town for Thanksgiving, come out Wednesday for a 10K. I’m still finishing up my year of 5Ks (so I’m out), but for those interested, click here to read more.

*Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission SLEIGH BELL TROT: If 5K is more your speed, join me at this one under the lights next Tuesday night in Saluda Shoals.

* Sign up to help FAMILIES HELPING FAMILIES: click here to read more about how you can join F3 brothers and help make sure needy families in our area have presents under the tree at Christmas

* Lake Murray Tshirts are in! If you haven’t received yours, please reach out to your AO leaders so they can work on delivery to you! These shirts are awesome…and extra #shmediumy too!

DEVO: From Stand Firm (God’s Challenge for Today’s Man)

2 Timohthy 2:5 “If anyone competes as an athlete, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules”

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