• When: 2018-06-28
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Overage, Juice, Dunphy, Bud, Rocking Chair (R), Muggy Tape, Ken Doll, Ocho Cinco, Weis, Alter Boy, Fire Daddy

The Invasion

3 Roost regulars were stretching and waiting for any late arrivals when 3 unidentified cars rolled into the parking lot .  With each of us wondering who was in these 3 cars, we were quickly surprised to see 8 men headed our way.  With several of them donning red F3 shirts YHC realized we were being invaded by the Lexington #F3MidlandsTour.  Quick introductions were made and 11 pax headed out to get better.

Conditions: HUMID

Tha Thang:


Head over to the block pile (hoping there is enough) and choose wisely.  Circle up in parking lot corner and set blocks aside.

SSH x 15 (IC)

TTT x 10 (IC)

IW x 10 (10)

Leaving blocks behind run down past tennis courts, down in between the school and stadium, across stadium parking lot, up suicide hill, and back to the start. Approx .75 mile.

25 block squats

50 block chest presses

75 block curls #crowdpleaser

Rinse and Repeat x 4. Reverse lap direction each time.

Time ran short so after the 3rd round of block work, blocks were put away and one more lap was run on the track.  Finished up with flutter kick, 6 inches, all the way up, spread em, 6 inches, flutter kick sequence.

COT for Announcements and Prayers


Thanks again to the guys from F3 Lexington for making the trek this morning.  It was good see new and old faces and the added mumble chatter (when not gasping for air) was a plus.  We had a few comments asking if we were a run group or boot camp…well we like to cover some miles at Roost but always leave room for modification if needed.  The #F3MidlandsTour guys voted us most scenic AO.  I think they were talking about the beautiful sunrise and not YHC, Bud, and Weis.  Maybe one day we will cross the dam and show up a AO on your side…

To the Roost guys, fill up the Q list and reach out to guys that have been MIA.  Keep EHing as well.  There are many men out there that need F3 as much as we need them.  Keep pushing.