• When: 10/25/2014
  • QIC: Creole
  • The PAX: Weezy, Bud, Rafter, Light Bill, Hall Pass, Flux, Stirrups (War Daddy), Break19, Eskobar, Church Lady, FNG-Fry Daddy (Chuck Anderson), Creole

Saturday Morning Circuit In The Fryer

12 Pax posted for some fun in the cold wet freshly cut grass.

Conditions: 51 and clear skies

The Thang: 

Warm up/COP

1 lap around upper baseball field

Flutter kicks X 20 IC

Merkins X 20 IC

Imperial walker X 20 IC

Side straddle hop X 20 IC

Mosey to lower soccer field for Circuit Training

Stop and grab “Dirt-bags” on the way.

Drop Dirt-bags at left corner.

Plank station

Plank on right side line. Hop over legs then plank.

Crawl under all plankers then plank

Ab Station

Partner Up

20 Big boy sit-ups Partner holding feet. Then switch with partner

20 Iron crosses Then switch with partner

Ground Pounders

Bear crawl through cones then crab walk back.

Plank when done. Never-mind the cold wet grass made everyone’s hands blue. So we cheered and placed bets.


Partner up. Back to back on side line. Past to right for 1 minute then to left for 1minute

Turn around and face partner. Toss to partner for 1 minute

Squats X 20 OYO

Overhead press X 20 OYO


Football Game

Small tire= 10 merkins at half field

Medium =15 LBC at half field

Large=20 squats at half field

Miss=Full Field 5 berpies

5 throws= 4 full field berpies 1 set of squats. Thanks Bud


Flip 2 then 5 merkins to mid-field

Flip 3 then 10 merkins back

Recover bags.


Creole 25 flutter kicks

Hall Pass 25 Imperial Walkers

Stirrups 30 Overhead arm claps

And a strong finish with 1 minute of Front Back Goes from YHC

FNG: Chuck Anderson- Married, family of 4, works in the food equipment repair industry. Bud shouted out FRY DADDY!!! No discussion. Fry Daddy it is. WELCOME!!!

Announcements: We have formed a forth team for the Palmetto 200. We will need to have an alternate list so that if someone has to drop out for any unexpected reason or injury. If interested please contact Mungo.

We are asking for everyone to step up and have a devotion ready to take some of the pressure off of the Q’s. Coordinate with the upcoming Q and offer to do the devotion at the end of the previous workout.

Prayer Request: Pray for a speedy recovery for Zamboni.

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